Wazema Podcast 19: The Enigma of Meles Zenawi – PART 2

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Yes, he was reviled and disdained by many as that intriguing tyrant who undermined Ethiopia’s prospect for freedom and democracy. Still others blame him for his dispassionate and cold shoulder to the very country he led “Ethiopia”. Many are the heartaches of Meles Zenawi in the eyes of his detractors. Yet others consider him as a born ideologue; an astute strategist; and a savvy communicator. His cronies ordain him as a visionary great leader who saw nothing but development and transformation for the Nation. But who truly was Meles? Looking back, what were his low and high points? Wazema takes a deeper dive into the “legacy” of Meles Zenawi. LISTEN SHARE, REFLECT!
Wazema Podcast 19: The Enigma of Meles Zenawi – PART 2

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  1. 1.comparing meles with Bokassa?
    2. Ethiopia a second diplomatic city in the world?
    3. Exaggerating his role with is Brics?
    Why wouldn’t you frame the epoch within which he was pooled to international forum or platform.
    Most importantly, what were the benefits his ‘astute leadership’ has brought ? How do you see his efforts in the environment back deal? Have you heard what he did the african peer review mechanism?

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