WATCH: Ethiopian Patriot Tesfahun Alemneh from Eritrea

WATCH: Ethiopian Patriot Tesfahun Alemneh from Eritrea

Read Aloud:   BBN Special News - Ambo, Ethiopia


  1. Must listen interview with the well educated Ato Tesfahun Alemneh and the three other Amhara/Ethiopian patriots/warriors who picked up arm/weapons after selflessly giving up their comfortable life in order to free the amhara/Ethiopian people from TPLF/EPRDF and to kick the stinking ass of terrorist, tyrannical, vampire and criminal TPLF/EPRDF. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. MORE AND MORE ETHIOPIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD MUST JOIN A LIBERATION FRONT THAT IS COMPOSED OF THE SAME OR DIFFRENT ETHNIC GROUPS AS LONG AS THE GOAL IS THE SAME WHICH IS TO LIBERATE ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS FROM TYRANNY, CORRUPTION, DICTATORSHIP, SLAVERY AND ESTABLISH DEMOCRACY/LIBERTY/FREEDOM/RULE OF LAW/MERTITOCRACY AND UNITY B/W DIFFERENT ETHNIC GROUPS. Even though they are an amhara groups they are 110% for united Ethiopia. They are of the belief that one has to liberate himself/herself prior to liberating others. If they can’t liberate the Amhara people they can’t liberate Oromo people, Gambela, Afar or all Ethiopians. As the saying goes CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

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