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Washington DC Public Discussion – Ethnicity, Tribalism and Ethiopia’s future – Sunday June 15th 3pm 7701 16th St NW, Washington DC



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  1. Hello friends,
    I think the Discussion is important and relevant than ever. My thanks therefore go to organizers. But when I see the title of the discussion, one can now assess the course and results of the Discussion. Because the Guest Speakers will talk only about the risks of ethnic based Federalism. The subject would be fair in my opinion if you could discuss the opportunities and risks ethnic based Federalism first and let the results of the Discussion open.

    N.B: Unusual I have written this small comment, because it is about scientific discussion and because I believe the Results of such discussions will help our politicians to broaden their knowledge about the ethnic based Federalism as well as to solve problems of the country.

    I wish you a pleasant discussion!

    Dr. Lemma Y. Betru

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