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Washington DC hosts Andualem Aragie’s book signing and celebration

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  1. The Woyyanee regime is one of the worst dictator regimes in the world. While It is the one that terrorizes people, labels others “Terrorist”. I bet this Amhara/Ethiopian nationalist, Andualem Aragie is not a terrorist.

    Having said the above though, I bet this fellow can NOT speak for Afaris, Kambatas, Oromos, Tigres, Gurages, Sidamas, etc. therefore, when people try portray as if he supports other ethnic groups, that turns me off. Andualem does not support the use of Latin alphabet in languages such as Oromo, Somali, Afar, and other languages; he doesn’t support the ethnic federalism ( I too do not support ethnic federalism but for a different reason from that of Andualem’s) With all that though this guy shouldn’t be in prison for speaking for his Amhara people. The only problem I have with him is that he and his likes deceive or try to deceive others by saying they stand for ALL the peoples who inhabit in the Ethiopian empire today. In fact, they don’t even acknowledge that Ethiopia has been and still is a prison state for many ethnics.

    Finally, let me try to briefly explain as why I do NOT support the current Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia today.
    1. The right of peoples is not being respected. They did not choose to live in such federation. When TPLF and OLF overthrew the Derge regime, they imposed on them the system
    2. The rights of people for self determination up to scessation is only on the paper in theory. It’s practicality is prohibited. In other words, they are not given the right to implement.
    3. Only 1 ethnic group is getting the highest preferential treatment. To witness this go visit Mekele. You wouldn’t realize that you’re in Africa. Nowadays, is comparable to some cities in Europe or North America. A region that is known for its drought and had no valuable arable land or manufacturing industry within two decades changed exponentially. On the other hand, other parts of Ethiopia with viable fertile land and numerous mineral resources do not even have roads. It’s obvious by looting from other regions, the TPLF developed their region. When it comes to individuals, Major political decision makers are Tigreans, The military heads are Tigreans, The Economy sector–import/export, manufacturing, biggest retail stores, etc are owned by Tigreans. i.e. ethnic federation did not benefit other regions and people from other ethnic

    Back to Andualem. I would vehemently oppose the imprisonment of this guy but I do NOT like his ideology. As I said above, he and I oppose ethnic federalism for different reasons.
    He opposes it because his “imyee Ethiopia” shouldn’t be divided along ethnic lines. Should remain the same way his another “imyee, imyee Minillik” invented her.
    I oppose it because for nations such as Somali, Oromo…. who knows independence may or may not be the best option. If their citizens choose to become independent they should be given the right. On the other hand, if they choose to be in union/autonomy/federation or any sort of governance, they should be given the option as well.
    In my opinion, Andualem and his comrades should lay out a vision of independence for the Amhara people other than biting the drum of unity. Why is it only Amharas for the most part that amplifies this unity?? Why isn’t the Tigre, the Oromo, the Somali, etc wouldn’t do the same?
    HEY GUYS THINK OUT SIDE OF THE BOX and free yourself from Tigre’s occupation.

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