Was OLF tipped off by the authority that Dr. Ambachew and General Asaminew would be killed and claiming Wollo is part of North Oromia?

by Kaleab Tessema

To begin with, I am deeply saddened and heartbroken for the loss of  General Asaminew, Dr. Ambachew, and others. Certainly, this tragedy has devastated all Amharas. Nevertheless, the Amharas people deserve to know the truth from the government. Right now, the authority and the anti-Amharas are trying to infuriate and divide the Amharas by bruiting false and contradicting information. Why do the anti-Amharas gather with uproarious censure and clamorous applause? I can say this confidently to those who are anti-Amharas, whether they like it or not, Amharas are becoming more united than ever before and there are millions of Asaminew.

Coming to the OLF’s statement, I took a quick glimpse at the OLF outcry statement posted on Zehabesha website, which partially brought to my attention that saying the Oromos racially attacked in “North Oromia, Wollo and the political change brought into the country because of the OLF big sacrifices with its supporters of Qeeroo Bilisummaa Oromoo.” This would be funny; and the statement is a tactical political gambit to pursue its dream of seceding by claiming Wollo as the TPLF claimed Welkait, and Raya; where the people are still being savagely massacred on their own ancestors’ land by the TPLF-Woyanne.

As it is widely known about the OLF for the last 27 years, the OLF leaders were hiding in Eritrea with its remnant soldiers and the leader was engaged doing business in Asmara to Dubai. On the other side, its remnant soldiers were working for Eritrean government repairing roads, but for the last 27 years, dozens of Oromo youth had been thrown in the jail and killed by the TPLF-Woyanne and during these brutal times in history, the Oromos themselves did not see or hear any bullet in the region from OLF against TPLF. Funny enough, the OLF leaders are bragging with no shame and with falsehoods that change has occurred in Ethiopia because the OLF waged bitter warfare against the TPLF.

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Of course, there is no denying that the Oromo Qeeroo(s) were protesting against TPLF brutal regime, and even though, no matter how hard the Qeeroo tried, they could not win against the TPLF alone without the Amhara youth participation; and the Fano, Qeeroo, and others showed their unity with high spirit to depose the TPLF. To  remind the OLF leaders, I would like to quote from my previous piece which I wrote over two years ago how the Gondar’s protesting was effective:  “The Amhara’s youth protesters in Gondar were effective in  protesting and showed their solidarity with Oromo youth by saying that “Oromo’s blood is my blood, Bekele Gerba  is our leader, stop killing our brothers.” These slogans made the Ethiopians come together against the fascist regime, which effectively exposed the TPLF’s ploy of ‘divide and rule’ for the last 25 years. It is true that the Woyanne regime was seen panicking when the Oromos and the Amharas marched together to give a voice to the  voiceless.”

Beside the Qeeroo and Fano protesters inside the country, the Diaspora of the Amharas relentlessly played a key role in removing the TPLF from the office by lobbying the US Congress. They rallied to bring attention to take a stand against the TPLF “to vote on the resolutions of HR128 about human right situations in Ethiopia.”  Even the TPLF chairman, Debretsion, finally conceded that the TPLF’s defeat came about by the diasporas of the Amhara elites. He said this in a private speech boasting and belittling the OPDO-OLF, which was posted on the Ethiopians outlets. These are the facts on the land where people know well who brought the so-called changes or reforms. Unfortunately, the change was not a radical political change, it was rather replaced one with another, in other words, TPLF replaced with ODP-OLF and releasing political prisoners only for international media cover-up.

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Having said that, it seemed that the OLF’s statement is well orchestrated to claim Wollo is part of ‘North Oromia,’ and after the statement posted less than a month, General Asaminew and Dr. Ambachew were killed including other officials in Baher Dar that emphatically put the Amharas in disbelief. Of course, General Asaminew and Dr. Ambachew would not easily back down for the new ODP-OLF oligarchies. However, the OLF leaders should know better that Wollo is the heartland of the Amhara, and the Amharas will not implore the OLF to change its mind of the leftover dream of forming the republic of Oromia, but it will be a big political mistake to claim Wollo is part of ‘North

To say the least, the Prime Minister Abiy came to power through the efforts of Demeke Mekonnen and all Ethiopians went to rally to support the Prime Minister. During his inauguration the speech he delivered at the parliament was very patriotic, praising Ethiopia by mentioning it several times as the Bible does the first time in 27 years. At the same token, Ethiopians were expected that he would bring a real change in the country and amending the constitution, but instead the Prime Minister and his cabals starting maintaining the status quo that favored the TPLF’s reign, which his party, ODP proved that cannot compromise on the current constitution. Unfortunately, Abiy and his team duped the Amhara once again. As we all know, the Amharas for the last 27 years have been hunted and killed in every region in the country by the TPLF-Woyanne and its cronies. Now, the ODP-OLF is taking a turn to repeat what TPLF had done to the Amhara. Currently, we saw in Baher Dar innocent Amharas were arrested on a large scale,  and brutally murdered by ODP armies without any evidence in the related recent death of the Amharas officials.

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Sadly enough, as soon as Abiy held the Prime Minister position, the Oromo extremists started displacing and killing none Oromos in the Oromia region, and the Prime Minister did not take any action against these criminals that he seemed he acquiesced to it. But, when it comes to Amhara ethnicity, he showed his true color when he ordered the army to kill and arrest indiscriminately the Amharas in Baher Dar and in other regions without jurisdiction. Arresting and killing is not quelling the people of the Amhara, it rather aggravates the situations.


For that matter, the Oromo extremist, like Jawar and the TPLF are working together against Amhara at this point. The Oromo extremists and the TPLF have been recruiting some individuals from Qimant and Agew to rant on their TV condemning the Amhara, which is completely none of their business, just merely to de-stabilize the region that mainly to weaken the Amhara in order to advance their expansions agendas, but when the Amharas were cruelly killed in Benishangul, Welkait, and Raya, the OLF, and the TPLF cheered and applauded. It is true that the late General Asaminew Tsige spoke the truth that the ‘Amhara is surrounded’ by the TPLF and the OLF.


Undoubtedly, the OLF tries to renew its a long time doctrine that aims to expunge the name Ethiopia and replace it with Oromia. It is undeniable at this moment radical OLF members and the Oromo first extremists are given key government positions from top to bottom to control the security, military, and the finance which enables them to cling to power as the TPLF did. This recent statement tells as if  Wollo is part of North Oromia, and this should be an alarm bell for the Amharas to stand united. Enough is enough!




  1. Kaleb your head is full of shit Shifila amara, you need to educate yourself before anything else!!chiba ena jil boy.

  2. What are you telling us Sir Prof Tessema? Are you threatenig us by reminding us there are 12 Million Asaminew Tsige who could potentially conduct million failed coup !!!

    Amhara is religious tribe waiting a heavenly meesage authorizing you to hold power. Haven’t you nightmared about your future Amharan kingdom ??

    Oromia is not minority not wicked as you are we respect your presence as long us yu donot meddle up!!

    I guess you understand. that is enough!!

  3. Not convincing at all. You reiterated what we already know just to shove in your fear mongering idea in the last part of your writing.

    No one has attempted to kill the leadership of any part of the tribal federal regions of the country as has been done in the so called Amhara Kilil. God save Ethiopia and keep the candle light of democracy and equality lit a year ago. No one wants to see Ethiopia descend into the quagmire of dictatorship and civil strife. Amharas are capable of organizing themselves in a civilized manner and fully participate in a democratic election, to win fairly and squarely, rather than succumbing to chauvinistic emotions and unwarranted assumptions.

    Be wary of what comes next following the incident that took place in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa.

    • Many have attempted to kill the leaderships of the tribal Federal regions of Ethiopia. Ambachew Mekonnen is not the first leader of the tribal Federal region to be killed. For example the previous President of Orimia , Alemayehu Atomsa was poisoned twice before he died of poisoning the third time when he was poisoned for the third time.

  4. Dear Kaleab Tessema,
    It is good to read your account. I say this because it is always good to air what is in you or what is dictated to you. Of course that of other people too including myself.
    Here is my reflection on your essay:
    You have provided many ‘stories’ and thought like accounts. That is not bad but frankly speaking I could not get your message and/or contribution.
    Every paragraph of your essay touches various issues and claims/comments. But none are accurately addressed and/or evolved to ideas/directions. Look the following text of yours for instance:
    “As we all know, the Amharas for the last 27 years have been hunted and killed in every region in the country by the TPLF-Woyanne and its cronies. Now, the ODP-OLF is taking a turn to repeat what TPLF had done to the Amhara. Currently, we saw in Baher Dar innocent Amharas were arrested on a large scale, and brutally murdered by ODP armies without any evidence in the related recent death of the Amharas officials.”
    I am not going to give you my analyses of this paragraph. What kind of message or acceptable fact would you take for yourself if someone else had written these paragraph?
    Further, I would like to ask you to challenge yourself with the following three questions?
    1. Can you convince yourself that you belong to a specific ethnic group in Ethiopia? You need to explain it to yourself based on your exclusive biological, cultural and historical geneses/treasures.
    2. Do you think OLF can create rather will dare to create a country called Oromia? You need to explain it to yourself for instances how natural resources could be divided, how the humans will be identified, how assets/capital and birth places (nature given places) could be divided rather be claimed?
    3. Do you think that ethnic identity is a genuine wish and claim of the citizens and of the respective ethnic politicians? I ask you to be sincere and objective in analyzing and explaining your arguments to yourself?

    Thank you!

    Regards, Asmare

  5. Beloved Ethiopians, I am a Pan-African, A Zambian from Barotseland, living in Diaspora. Need I remind you that Ethiopia is a parent country in Africa? There is not one single African country that I admire as much, as I do, Ethiopia. Your country has a rich history. In more ways than one, you are the face of Africa to the entire world. Economically, Ethiopia is one of the most admired in Africa right now. How have you managed to do all that without gold or diamonds? The gap between the rich and the poor among Ethiopians is one of the least in Africa; Ethiopians living in diaspora, among the most educated by any world standard. I read Ethiopian news every day because your articles are among the most stimulating by any African writer. Please set your house in order. Stop the fight. Africa looks up to you because you are a parent and a big brother!

  6. Asmare,

    You said ” Can you convince yourself that you belong to a specific ethnic group in Ethiopia? You need to explain it to yourself based on your exclusive biological, cultural and historical geneses/treasures.” I was wondering why you wanted to know the author’s ethnicity, and where is the fallacious argument Kaleab made? You are making a silly innuendo as if you are better than anyone, and I know where you come from. It is crystal clear your intention is to defend the OLF and TPLF. The article is well written with a clear message, which conveys how TPLF replaced ODP to demonize the Amharas. Loud and clear! Your rebuttal is silly and pointless.

  7. I understand why some of so called Ahmara writers are mad because they lost God given right to rule Ethiopia for ever, I also understand the anger from the people of Tigrai who all of the sudden woke up in one morning and TPLF rule was long gone. We have to face the reality and stop lying to ourselves, there are new sheriffs in town ‘Oromo people’. Imagine for thousands years not even having a voice in your own country where you are the majority. Talk about oppression and injustice. One can question the government motives or the way they are ruling the country, but most people are mad or can’t believe that Oromo is in power. It’s time for majority rule and minority rights.

  8. Who is this Kaleab? Is he/she just waking up to find out and tell us about the age old map? The map was already there used by those who have been hell bent to yank away one of the two main pillars of the old country along with a territory to found a personal fiefdom. That has been the ambitions of those grads of the school of the demonic Marxism/Leninism since the late 1960’s. Congratulations dear author! You just gave them the publicity they needed so desperately these days. Don’t you see it? It is all irrelevant now!!! Don’t you see it sir/madam!!! They use tell every Oromo they came across to never, ever use the word Ethiopia but instead use Abyssinia. But now when that has made them look like a fool, they can’t get enough of saying ‘Ethiopia’. They wake up with it, they spend the entire day with it and they sleep with it!!! Ethiopia, Ethiopia on the wall….. You get the idea!!!

  9. Adding on….

    Someone said hypocritical article’ and I agree with him/her. It is well written article but the author does not provide any amicable alternative. It is always easy and convenient to churn out articles after articles from our comfy homes here in the west or Oceania. Some of them tell us about Oromo this and Oromo that as if I and every Oromo is as a foreigner as a Puerto Rican. Lately I see someone coming up with a thinly veiled battle cry ‘Oromo Hegemony’. That the dumbest claim I have heard lately. Such individuals are either not from the old country or in want of the true history of the country. Now I am not saying the PM or his officials of his administration should be untouchables. But if someone is trying to tell us about their snafus we should also be told the alternatives. It is quite as simple as that. That country might have had a chance or two during the last 45 years but due to the reckless behavior of the know-it-all elites among us opportunities were turned into a curse that sent the nation into bloody mayhem. But the opportunity it is given now may be the last pit stop to oblivion. This is it! One road is bound to hell on earth and the other one towards an environment where everyone is free of fear, free to live in harmony and in pursuit of prosperity and happiness!!! This is it folks!!!

    • Ittu,

      It appears you do not agree with the description “Oromo Hegemony”. Then, how do you explain the appointment of Oromos to all key federal, military, security, and municipality (Addis), and kebele offices. You know that these officials are not elected officials. Even if we say that oromos are 50 % of the population, it is a commons sense that they deserve only 50% of the positions. Now we have oromo prime minister, general attorney, security chief, military chief (Brehanu dula is the key person while the chief of staff is a symbol), key ministries like internal revenue, Addis mayor, leaders at most kebeles (50%) etc. Why do we say it is wrong only when TPLF does it?

      Why do yo think Amhara intellectuals and business men are arrested in dark and cold jail cells in the name of collaboration in “cue” without the due process of the law?

      Why do you think the bandits who robbed 11 banks were not held responsible for their crime?

      Why do you think jo-war receives security protection by police men whose salaries are paid by the tax payer for almost a year now while spewing venom on Amhara people propagating the disintegration of the region by providing airtime to Agaw and kemant separatists and pushing hard for extremism in Sidamo?

      What do you think Eskinder Nega, a human right activist and journalist who suffered a lot under TPLF, did to be terrorized by abiy?

      That is why we say there is Oromo Hegemony and it is very dangerous should be stopped before it is too late.

      • Dear meseret,

        Blessings to you and your family!!!

        I have read comments similar to your about the ‘domination’ issue. I have no access to a well substantiated statistics on the matter. But I can assure you that I am no fan of it. I detest such arrogance and unfair practice like a nagging sickness. The Almighty Our Creator does not discriminate. He does not make one God Elect over the other! One Amhara is as good as an Oromo and vice versa. This applies to any other citizen regardless of ethnicity. I hope you are with me on this one. If so we are on the same wave length which will make our conversation well worth it.

        In regards to Obbo Eskinder and Obbo Jawar all I can say to these young men is just cool it. I heard that they are engaged in ticking contest. If you have read my comments in the past, I had cried along with that angelic son of Obbo Eskinder while his dad was incarcerated. And when he was released from prison I was like a kid in a candy store, very happy.

        These two young men should rather fix their eyes on the prize and start working together to help further the accord for the good of the people. Both have to make up their mind as to whether to function as journalists or activists. You cannot be both. Otherwise, it will be impossible for both to escape the trap of being used by those with ulterior political motives. If both are caught up with this desire of being seen as heroes, no problem. They can attain such ‘prestige’ as a reporter too. At some point in our lives, to have a crowd of followers can become an addiction. For some of us can be very lucrative too. They can found a media outlet with no worries of revenue to sustain it. We will have an enthusiastic crowd ready to pitch in with the last penny they have in their pockets. It can generate a 6-digit salary for the founders. They no more worry about going hungry tonight but their ‘painful nightmare’ will be which cut fillet mignon is gonna be on the dinner table tonight while that poor farmer and wretched urban dweller in Oromia, Amhara or any other region is losing his mind knowing that he and his children are going to bed tonight hungry and wailing for food. ‘Mommy, daddy, I’m hungry’!!! I see both being used by bigots like there is no tomorrow. They should look at you and me. Look at us!!! Your opinion about my comment is so civil and inviting for more civil dialogue. You and I can have opposite opinions on anything but at the end of the day we are part of the same family, kin and kit. Nothing can change the fact that you are my blood and flesh and vice versa. No one, I say, nobody can take away that fact etched in stone by the sweat and blood of our forefathers. Why? Because The Good Lord Says So!!! He Made Us To Be So!!!

        Ok dear countryman/woman!!! Keep plugging away!!! I leave you now betting you peace!!!!

  10. poison. shameful. If the so called elites of your likes were not born we have reached to the debate globe or country? but because of you we are stacked in tribe

  11. Oromo is the most hard working people in Ethiopia.Throughout history Oromo went from South to North and from East to West allover Ethiopia working day and night while other ethnicities copying from Oromo tried to work hard, only to.find out other ethnicities are not able to work as hard as Oromo works. Because of Oromos hard work we Oromos know many things that others donot, since With Oromos greatness comes Oromos great responsibility.If other ethnicities knew half of what we know they would have finished each other off.

    • Dear Serbesa ,

      I do agree with your point. Yes Oromo is a hard working and
      gave birth to innumerable intelligent yougesters. But, Amhara is a shame for the rest of the ethiopic tribe.

  12. Bullshit. Not believable at all. OLF is down in Oromia and nothing to do with Amara. Check the youtube bravery of some idiots what they said about amara leaders before they were assisinated.



  14. Meseret,
    I absolutely agree with you. Besides your point, the author of the article, Kaleab put clearly that the Amhara elites made to happen the So called changes which systematically the TPLF repaced the ODP. You see, the last 27 years the TPLF was saying the same rhetoric that they are the smartest people in Ethiopia and know well how to trigger the bullet. Now the OLF supporters start the same thing to tell us they are hardworking and smart people. Semhal and Serbesa are not civilized people, they are so obtuse that they do not have any clue about the Amharas. Their inferiority complex makes them like a mad dog when it comes to the Amharas. What do you expect from these people, Meseret?

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