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Voice of Amhara Daily Ethiopian News February 16, 2017

Voice of Amhara Daily Ethiopian News February 16, 2017

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  1. I strongly argue that those fellow Ethiopians in the diaspora who keep writing and talking about all kinds of trash in the name of this or that ethnic group are not only trashing their very own personalities but also trying hard to make the people of Ethiopia the subjects of their very trash way of doing politics. And this must not go without being challenged and rejected because this is a very notorious part of our political illness. The people of Ethiopia cannot and should not afford to continue being victims of very wicked political mentalities of few fellow Ethiopians.

    I do not want to say much in response to those fellow Ethiopians in the diaspora who are stupidly or otherwise pleased to play politics of disruption. Needless to say, these fellow Ethiopians are either politically bankrupt but lovers of TPLF/EPRDF; or terribly obsessed with their delusional personal(group) egos – under the pretext of “Amhara or other ethnic nationalism” ; or being bored with their life styles and trying to play some sort of idiotic political drama if it would work out for them; or searching for kind of part time dirty political drama which may bring about some amount of pocket money (purely gambling) to cover their private budget account; or who are just victims of political ignorance or delusional arrogance.

    I am saying this not to say that those truly patriotic Ethiopians of Patriots-Ginbot 7 should not be criticized and get corrected whenever it is appropriate and necessary . What I am saying is that it is painfully stupid for those of us in the diaspora who are not even willing or able to pay little sacrifices let alone putting ourselves at the forefront of the struggle to either undermine or go against those who are practically doing their best for the sake of the betterment of the political and socio-economic lives of the people.

    The very encouraging news is that those highly delusional and disruptive elements in the diaspora are losing and continue to lose their very idiotic and disruptive political play ground.

    Like it or not, that is the very hard reality we are witnessing at this very moment of the political struggle being led by truly patriotic and heroic Ethiopians and supported by millions of Ethiopians who genuinely aspire to see a country of democracy, freedom, justice, dignity, equal opportunity and sustainable peace and development is crystal clearer than ever.

    You guys of disruptive and stupid political game, get back to your basic human common senses and be part of the struggle for getting our freedom through concerted efforts and making ourselves free from the ethno-centric tyranny.

    I hate to say but I have to tell those fake or bogus fellow Ethiopian of Amahara Tegadelo and Moreh Wogene that the time and circumstances of playing notoriously idiotic political radio show is over as far as the clear and loud voices of the Ethiopian people are concerned. Yes, the people have strongly voiced that this kind of horrible political game in the name of their interests for the last quarter of a century is over.

    I do not know how the owners of this radio show of stupidity let their “journalist” read their very trash political propaganda against those truly patriotic Ethiopians do not feel some element of shame and disgrace. Neither do I understand how this so-called journalist does not have any sense of guilty conscience when he open his big mouth and read the very wicked political statement of those politically stupid and bankrupt individuals and groupings such as “Moresh Wogene and Amahar Tegadilo.”

    Whatever the case and whoever says what, I am strongly optimistic that
    the struggle for freedom will prevail sooner rather than later!!!!

    February 17, 2017 at 10:54 am

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