Voice of Amhara Daily Ethiopian News April 11, 2017

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Voice of Amhara Daily Ethiopian News April 11, 2017

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  1. Do we really know TPLF? Good question by Abraha Belai, http://www.ethiomedia.com/1000bits/do-we-really-know-tplf.html

    I think we neither know nor can explain it. Illusive concepts such as Satan or Evil may some how describe TPLF but not yet in full. We also don’t know why it does all that crimes against Ethiopians/Ethiopia and what does it want to achieve eventually?

    Would it want/intend:
    – to kill all of the Amharas and others which it considered enemy?
    – and to remove Ethiopia from the world map?

    To me, TPLF is the Western’s sword used to slaughter Ethiopians and to cut Ethiopia into pieces.

  2. You’re truly despicable. Dimwitted fools drooling imbeciles. Just a bunch of miserable diaspora writing. Get a life! TPLF is building from the ground up and the proof is evident all across the country and the world is a witnessing.

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