VOA special report about sexual abuse allegations against pastor Tekeste Getnet

VOA special report about sexual abuse allegations against pastor Tekeste Getnet


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  1. First what is the whole point of voa? What is wrong with the husband and wife I hope they don’t have any children. I just want to know is he really a pastor ? Anyway if this story is true everyone of them needs Jesus. Finally this is not news v o a can do better.

  2. Why you had cloth to change you paid for the hotel. You forced him. Married person was in the hotel. The husband your wife raped him she is clinical and he is a victim. You don’t have a shame. I think you got paid by some one . It is a lay. Please the lady needs help

  3. come on VOA this is garbage what a waste of 14 minute. He is human and a bad one but the women is a liar she knew he wanted her that way when he texted. But she never stop herself from going to his room even if she knew his intention. He repped me come on laier!!!! this is America you can call for help if you want to but you didn’t. And went to his room again? Don’t you even afraid of HIV? Let alone God. For God sake stop laying. You are not innocent. You are guilty like tekeste. And you VOA stop wasting our time in this kind of things.

  4. I am deeply disappointed by VOA reporter Addisu Abebe because his report is not a complete one that he did not bring the voice of Tekeste Getnet like the other in the picture and as far as we know Tekste does not pastor any church but he is only a singer
    As for me I doubt the whole mess that happened is not crytal true because the reporter is not a free person seen the view point of evangelical (pentalcotal) church.
    People hate evangelical believing church (people) due to two main reasons
    1. Ignorant of the bible and what the bible has to say about itself and christanity(normal bible believing christian does not hate his brother in Christ Jesus rather he should love him) by the way God does not know the man made denominations (orthodox, Pentecost etc)
    2. Worshiper of satan in this or in the other way( witchcraft, tenquay, degami,debtera, wukabi,etc)
    I hope that Addisu Abebe does not belong to the later.
    Ato Addisu I would like to tell you that Tekeste is not an Eangel from heaven like every human week pron to sin but he is a well saved christian by the precious work of Jesus Christ on the cross.
    The occurrence does not deserve the report of VOA if at all is true.

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