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VOA Interview With Ethiopian Politician Prof. Mesfin Weldemariam

VOA Interview With Ethiopian Politician Prof. Mesfin Weldemariam
VOA Interview With Ethiopian Politician Prof. Mesfin Weldemariam


  1. The sense of urgency on Ethiopian issues can’t be overstated. Every single day the TPLF is allowed to remain in charge means unnecessary loss of innocent lives and brutality due to inaction of the international community.

    The people need to be empowered to take out the terrorist group from all corners of the country Gaddafi style. The international community should be made to see the need for action without delay. People are ready to defend themselves. Empowerment is all they need. Any failure to act leaves the international community on the lowest moral ground. Act now from every possible angle in concert with the Ethiopian opposition force.

  2. We are confronted with a twisted group of people leading a country and pushing it over the age. The narrow minded Tigrean group does not care if Ethiopia dissipates like a cloud blown by a strong wind. Their world is themselves. Outside that, the see or hear nothing. If anyone thinks we have a government I say think again. What we have for the last 25 years is a mafia group fleecing the country at will and killing, imprisoning and torturing anyone that does not abide by their ethnically charged rules.
    VOA’s interview with professor Mesfin Woldemariam attests how sadistic the Tigrean liberation front is. Let me add a few things I knew:
    1. The late spy master Kinfe Gebremedhin was killed by direct order of Meles. Meles personally went to Kinfe’s residence searched his home after the killing
    2. Major General Hadush “Hayelom” Araya was killed by the order of Meles because he has disagreed on the session of Eritrea from Ethiopia and for fear of his wide acceptance by the TPLF Tegadelti.
    3. Many other high and low ranking Tigrean fighters have been illuminated for simply asking a question.
    4. The surviving Tigrean junta that turned self to become a billionaire overnight is people that think alike and share the crime and its profits without any shame. When they take over a company or an institution the takeover is Tigrean from top to bottom. Let me explain – Example in Embassies – You have to be a Tigrean or affiliated (under supervision) to get any position including a cleaning job. Back home, in factories and government and civilian offices, from the guard all the way to the top is Tigrean. This makes it pretty easy to steal, hide evidence and communicate. Ethiopian foreign ministry is a classic example. In the summer of 2015, a message came to one of the offices stating there are two Antonov planes asking for landing permission. The person who received the message took it to his superiors (Tigreans) and was told it is tents for military and to unload it in Mekelle. The cargo was unloaded and put to waiting trucks and sent to Addis for distribution. Using its own fleet of trucks the cargo was distributed among Tigrean shops. The cargo was not a tent for soldiers, it was an assorted electronics. The profit is shared among all members who have a stake in it. That is the government of Ethiopia. A thief and a killer!
    To silence position – They use several methods
    A. They outright shoot and kill you. No one knows who gave the order or who the executioner is
    B. The put you in official and unofficial dungeons and torment you. If you are lucky they will feed you poison and get you out of your misery. If you are unlucky, they will set the prison on fire and shoot you while you are running from the fire.
    C. They forcefully inject you with slow killing substances and set you free as a pardon knowing you will be dead. We know what has happened to Professor Asrat Woldeyes. His crime was none other than the love for Ethiopian unity and its people.
    D. They instigate clashes among neighbors telling one to set the others house on fire. Then, they step in and kill the people they want to eliminate them during the turmoil.
    F. Cars are used as a tool in the TPLF sadistic practice to kill opposition figures. While walking one will act as if he/she lost control of their vehicle and run you over and kill you. If you are not killed in that process, you are taken to a local hospital and their own (agents) doctors will give the necessary things to finish you off. Shoe shiners, prostitutes (men and woman), Taxi drivers, shop keepers etc. .are using as an agent and eliminated right after the main target is eliminated.
    G. Abroad (Asia, Africa, Middle East, N and S. America, Australia etc…) their agents are busy compiling and passing along names and address of people who oppose the ethnic apartheid. If these opposition figures are not reachable their relatives at home will pay a price. Recently, Abay Tsehaye and seyoum Mesfin were asked about the current situation on one of their media outlets. If anyone listens to the extended interview they will know why Professor Mesfin Woldemariam has said in his interview “They have neither a mind or a heart”. Ethiopia has been in a very precarious position 25 years ago. It is now at its tipping point. Unless TPLF is stopped in time, we will not have a country called Ethiopia.

  3. We have another asylum seeker in our hands and nobody is talking about it.

    As reports from Brazil confirm, the asylu seekers name is Tamiru Demisse who is still in Brazil for the para-olympic competition. He has won silver in the 1500 meters.

    Exactly like F. Lilesa, he showed the cross sign symbolizing Oromo protests. T.Demisse is an Amara and showed the crossed hands in solidarity with Oromo protesters and many other protestors across the country.

    My question is “where is the drive for contribution that raised 150 000$ in less than two weeks for F. Lilesa?” Even his solidarity at the risk of losing his life and liberty is not getting adequate coverage because of lingering F. Lelissa euphoria.

    Come on guy! Let’s take care of T. Demisse too as we did for F. Lelissa. He also deserves to be in the U.S. Maybe Lelissa should chip in some of the 150 000$ fortune he amassed.

    The VOA talks with Prof. Mesfin to condemn the youth of the country for not listening the old. Listening to praising the old including monarchy and military is abhorent. How about giving few minutes to T. Demisse’s story?

    F. Lilesa and Demissie are young people with proven partisanship with the oppressed Ethiopians as millions in the country do. Condemning the youth is nonsense. You need to come to grips with to the demographic change in the country rather than denegrate them while being nostalgic of the old order.

    Please someone start the process to support T. Ddemissie.

    • they may be taking this opportunity to make a living abroad, but now west is a getting worse for living. It is now a history. we left long a go at the time when the west was wealthy and this allowed us to work and support our family, and some of us go beyond to invest. it is no longer there!

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