VOA Exclusive Interview with Bekele Gerba & Dejene Tafa

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VOA Exclusive Interview with Bekele Gerba & Dejene Tafa

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  1. Yeeeeeeeehaw!!!!!! All I can say is yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!!!! Hey little tiger!!!! Daddy is coming home!!!!! Daddies are coming home!!!! What am I talking about? Daddies are home!!!! Hug your daddy now and don’t let it go!!!!

    Even at this age, all I can say is yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!!!!!! Now, valkyrie!!! Sing it hun!!!! Sing it sweetheart, sing it!!!! Now, let Obbo Andargachew come home to his kids too!!! All other political prisoners should be part of the release!!!

    Then the healing should begin in earnest!!!! It is not the time to swagger daggers!!! It would not be the time to war-dance with ‘Now I can gouge your eyes out. It is my turn”!!! Now the transition of an all transparent dialogue should commence that will lead to a peaceful transfer of power. Then a genuine government of the people, for the people and by the people should travel to capital of our brothers and sisters of Eritrea and come up with a once and for ever solution to the issues that pitched one blood brother and sister against another. You had heard me saying before. If the peoples of two nations hammer out the silly issues between them, the sky is just the limit for what they can achieve. I swear to you, I will bet my last penny with you that what they can achieve in just a decade will dwarf what any so called ‘tiger’ economies had achieved in 3 or 4 decades. You are talking about the most resilient and resourceful peoples in both countries. This ‘Bademe’ thing is just silly that should not scuttle the road to the big picture. If the will is there it can be done with in a heartbeat with the Promised Land in the horizon. I hope and pray that Our Creator’s Blessings would be upon me to see that day before my last day on this good earth. For now, I am in a festive mood.

    Watch for a vacuum!!!! That can be one of the worst situations that can pop out there just as it did in 1974. And this time, it can lead to a sudden slide into a bloody mayhem that was never seen. I hope and pray that level heads will be able to rein in this time around. Otherwise, there are going to be tens or probably hundreds of bloodthirsty Mengistus in every region along ethnic and religious lines.

  2. Congratulation Dr. Bekele Gerba, Ato Dejene Tafa, the other prisoners and their families. Keep up the great work our patriotic, warrior heroes and heroines. YOU MAKE ALL ETHIOPIANS ALL OVER THE WORLD PROUD.
    We thank you for speaking truth to power, for being selfless, for your empathy, hard work, dedication, bravery, for standing up for the poor, oppressed and subjugated. Your sacrifice will not be in vain and it will produce great result and will lead to a fair, free and democratic Ethiopia where every Ethiopian is honored, respected and will be given opportunity to aim high/shoot for the stars and have a skin the the game of life.

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