Violence in Tel Aviv as thousands celebrate Eritrean independence

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By David Rosenberg
Violence broke out as thousands of illegal immigrants from Eritrean gathered on Friday at the Tel Aviv Convention Center to celebrate 25 years since their country gained independence.
The event, which was organized by the Eritrean embassy in Israel, drew supporters of the Eritrean government, while opponents of the current regime protested outside. Witnesses say brawls between pro- and anti-government Eritreans broke out near the entrance of the Convention Center.
Yonatan Jakubowicz, a senior official at the Israeli Immigration Policy Center, said the event highlights the close ties most Eritreans maintain with their home country, and dispels claims that they are asylum seekers who fled to Israel out of concerns for their safety. Jakubowicz noted that most Eritrean citizens living in Israel even paid a 2% income tax to the Eritrean government, in return for certain services.
“It’s time to end this bluff once and for all that the illegal immigrants from Eritrea are asylum seekers. The overwhelming majority of them are migrant workers who keep close ties with their families and native country, and even participate actively by the thousands in events organized by their home country’s embassy,” said Jakubowicz.
Violence in Tel Aviv as thousands celebrate Eritrean independence
Tens of thousands of immigrants from Eritrea have infiltrated Israel over the past decade. While some have been returned to their home country, the majority have stayed, claiming that they are refugees seeking asylum and that their lives would be at risk if they returned home.
While some on the Israeli left have called for the normalization of most of these illegal immigrants, many on the right have argued that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers are in fact migrant workers looking to benefit from higher wages and Israel’s generous welfare system.
Source: Israel National News

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  1. Honestly speaking you don’t need to celebrate “Eritrean Independence” in Israel. This imaginary independent country of yours is a hell on earth and you don’t have anything to celebrate. Thousands of young Ethiopians (and Eritreans) died for a stupid school yard bully to call himself President of something, and we all now what the result of all the life and wealth wasted on your “struggle for independence”.
    As the writer put it correctly, you are just another migrant looking for a better life far away from your shitty “country”, and it is by far wise to shut up and live your life quietly if the good people of Israel allow you to stay. Those naive girls opening their mouth at everyone with the dictator’s “flag” in their hand should know that they are in other people’s land and they can go back to Asmara or Sawa and celebrate their “independence” with President Altowel the stupid dictator.

  2. Not only we are troublesome to our homeland, we also create problem all over the world. In the first place there is nothing to celebrate about Eritrean Independence. It is a sham! If I were the Israelis I will deport all these morons that celebrate worthless freedom which brought misery and shame to the people of Eritrea back to their place. I will tell them to go celebrate the freedom they yearn in Eritrea. It is mind boggling to think people that fled their country due to injustice fight for nothing far away from their homeland. One may think these people are fighting in the streets of Telaviv as supporters of the current government and people who oppose it. That is not the case. They are fighting the demons that tormented them at home and still plague by it. Mind you, most of this people have shed blood or seen blood being shed. They are still fighting the dream that is unfulfilled. To understand Eritrean freedom, you must be asleep. When you wake up from your deep sleep the nightmare and the day dreaming returns to put you in an illusion world. What a travesty!

  3. Yes Eritreans will celebrate for their hard won independence!
    We will celebrate for making history with our own blood!!
    Yes we will celebrate for defeating neo colonialialists and their puppets!!
    We will celebrate for defeating one of the strongest army in Africa!!
    We will celebrate for succumbing the world powers to honor our self determination!!.
    We will celebrate for not being part of people like you!!
    We will celebrate for avenging those who massacred our people!!!
    We will celebrate for capturing our enemies, including the then soviets!!

    • you leaving in the third world you do not know the peoples culture how people are respect each other and you blame this kind of people do not exaggerate you guys win the war for the sake of freedom and having remedy from the military people were united to have change that was the most important part then you start the hate propaganda with your buchelas time ic coming the truth is seen do not worry you will see in the next few years how you going down start to beg

  4. Warsai,
    If you have all these reasons to celebrate, isn’t it better to celebrate it in your own country instead of at a stadium built by Israelis?
    Don’t try to fool people with your empty bravado and the whole world knows what your “independence” from Ethiopia has led to. Eritrea (Artera as some people call it) is an open prison from where thousands of young people try to escape every single day. These young people, for the most part, find refuge in a country that you and the likes of you hate the most …
    You said “we will celebrate for defeating neo colonialists and their puppets”, how about you and your forefathers leaking Arab ass for petro-dollar?
    You also said “We will celebrate for not being part of people like you”. Ethiopians are the pride of black people all over the world and you are the only “black people” on this planet who are proud of being Italian slaves. you somehow think that serving pasta to your white masters makes you more civilized than the rest of us. If you are this proud of being Eritrean why don’t you live there instead of dying in the sea to leave Eritrea?

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