Vigil Held in Nashville for Ethiopian Christians Killed by ISIS

WSMV-TV Nashville
By Cody Engdahl
7581039_G-1NASHVILLE, TN — Hundreds showed up at a vigil along the Cumberland River on Sunday to stand up for the Ethiopian Christians who were executed by ISIS radicals because they would not convert to Islam.
Middle Tennessee has a large population of people of Ethiopian descent, many of whom still have family in Africa and in the Middle East, so for them, the threat is very real.
“ISIS is the cruelest, the worst group that the humankind has ever seen,” said Tewodros Tashu, who grew up in Ethiopia.
Tashu said he remembers a time when people loved each other as neighbors.
“When I was a little boy, we never had any distinction between Muslims and Christians. We grew up together without any differences, but right now, what’s going on is division,” he said.
Dary Hamz, who also grew up in Ethiopia, said the news of the killings was shocking to him.
“As a Muslim, it’s totally against what we believe,” he said.
Protesters said they hope that standing together here shows we can get past our differences.
“The only way this will stop, in my opinion, is if the people from all sides come together without going to the extremes,” Tashu said.
This was just one of many vigils held around the world. Ethiopia held three official days of mourning for the victims.

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