Video: Stories About King Menelik II You Won’t Believe Are True

Stories About King Menelik II You Won’t Believe Are True

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  1. i am not fan of melenik, but i am not gone blame amara community what his authoritarian regime did.

    like many people in horn africa, they blame his crimes in hall amhara community,wich is totaly wrong.

    you cannot blame entire community,what only one man has did.

    what ever he did, melenik dies long time ago and we must stop saying he was an amara, what he do to amara people? an elder man who die long time ago?

    just like ather ethnic people in horn of africa,amara people them self are victim of oppression,
    and we need to see that way.full stop

  2. I want to be on record that I will personally take this person, Menelik to court when my Oromia becomes an independent republic soon. I am going to sue him and all his descendants including those of Haile Selassie living families for 250 billion US Dollars for killing more than 25 million Oromos between 1910 and 1920. The proof is in the pudding. The population of Oromia was 30 million in 1910 and when another census was taken in 1920 there were only 5 million Oromos left. He was assisted by poisonous gas bomber airplanes of Italy because they wanted to avenge their defeat at the hands of an Oromo Motee in 1868 at a place called Adoua which was in the Oromo territory then and it should be an Oromo property now. To find out all about this all you have to do is read those well documented history books written by my well educated philosophers and world famous experts in the science of history. You must throw away all those so-called history books written by the biased neftegna historians. My Oromia is Coming!!! The New Freshly Minted Oromia is Coming in Just A Few Weeks!!! You Can Take That To The Bank!!! Why? Because I Said So!!! Because the Writing On the Wall Said So!!! And Most Important, My Indomitable Freedom Fighters OLA Said So!!!

  3. I don’t know who you are but i can see that you are hallucinating. Emiyea Minilik is and will forever be One of our “Ethiopia’s!!!” best
    kings. He did the best he could to Ethiopia!!! He was a king anointed or ordained by God. we will always write and read history books on Ethiopia of his era. your anger won’t get you anywhere. your comment towards him is based on racial hatred. you are also guessing on the Oromo tribe population those years. No census was ever taken based on race— Amhara, Tigre, Guragea, Oromo etc. and no history of Ethiopians killing each other by the number you mentioned. Pause yourself, read books and educate yourself some history and social, face reality.then change man, there are many opportunities in this world you can use. If you continue like this, you yourself can be sued for transmitting false, racial hateful information.
    Mighty God Love Ethiopia and Ethiopia Loves God too!!!

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