Video: Prof. Merera Gudina on Oromo Protests and Amhara Revolution | Amsterdam 2016

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Video: Prof. Merera Gudina on Oromo Protests and Amhara Revolution | Amsterdam 2016.
Video: Prof. Merera Gudina on Oromo Protests and Amhara Revolution | Amsterdam 2016

Read Aloud:   Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News August 5, 2018


  1. Professor Merara Gudina
    Thank you wonderfully explaind.
    How the so called Opposition Political Leaders Handicapped the Ethiopian People struggle against the brutal Ethno- Fasict group TPLF. Just to satisfy their personal power wish and Personal egoistic mentality.Its a well rounded based on historical and current Ethiopian realities regarding the Opposition leadeships and its short comings;I sure hope the one who can learn from those facts will form a selfless and inclusive Movement to unseat the current barbaric and brutal TPLF led regime in Ethiopia

  2. Why focus on Names??? Why it matters if the person changed his name from XY to AZ?? All Woyane leadership changed their names during arm struggle, many Oromos changed their Amharic names to Oromo names including the leadership of opposition groups, but those with Arabic names or European names kept their names. How many diasporas changed their names for political asylum? domestic workers in middle east are forced to adapted Muslim/Arabic names. In advanced countries changing names (officially) is allowed, what we have to focus on is the merit of the person.

    If Werkineh Gebeyehu is genuinely stands for the interest of the people he supposedly represents, then his background or his original name doesn’t matter. There are Oromos with full Oromo names but they work against the interest of Oromo people. Please don’t waste time on petty politics focus on the substance of politics.

    Mafia woyane is not a government, it is a sophisticated greedy corporate or company with its own military, security service, large empire of business spread around the world. In woyane philosophy everything is business even the flag, any occasion is opportunity to make money. So, the way to hurt woyane is to follow the money, we can not defeat woyane as long as the business is flourishing that support the military and security services, the key is to hit the snake on the head, if the wages of security forces unpaid, if there is shortage of foreign currency to import materials to run factories, equipment, fuel, etc. we need to target woyane businesses in the country and abroad.

  3. Dr. Mererra Gudinna’s explanation was out of topic. 1) Current condition of the country was not as he explained. 2) Any party that seized the power could have programmes to lead the country. EPRDF is doing the same thing as others have been doing,so, what is the wrong side of the programme? 3) The professor is waving his political theory as if the ship lost her directions. 4) Dr. Gudinna has got new friends whom he had missed them in Finfinne. Anna Gomez, Berhanu Nega, Dawit W/giorgis, Dimma Negawo, Lencco Letta. In my opinion, the professor is painting having a black pen the name of individual. This couldn’t be credit to him and to his organization totally.

  4. መቸ ነው ደግሞ ከአማራ ሬዝስታንስ ወደ አማራ ፕሮቴስት የመጣችሁት። የምናውቀው ኦሮሞ ፕሮቴስት ወደ ኦሮሞ ርቦሌሽን ልመሻገሩን ነው። ቅቅቅ!

  5. dont let them speak on your behave,nothing changed yet,few selfish, short-term benficials,who are trying to monapolate your potecial long term strategy.

  6. yebeltal
    yehonk Denqoro never neh-Tiliqun Alama teeth word senteqa Jemerk
    WOYANE enfant Aynetun Teqawami betam ywedal mikneyatum ye Woyanen erkus Slams Teredalachihu
    Be mawekem bale maweqem

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