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Video: President Trump Tries to Engage the Muslim World – by Sadik Ahmed

Video: President Trump Tries to Engage the Muslim World – by Sadik Ahmed

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  1. “President Trump Tries to Engage the Muslim World”

    Come on brother Sadik Ahmed, do you really believe Trump??? This man the most flipflopped politician I have ever seen in my life time.

    Trump suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder.

    I am against the establishment of American politics, corrupt lobby’s culture, the wall street, corporate driven injustice where profit comes above anything, the prison is run by corporate where human guinea pigs are packed in prison for the purpose of making money, the military is run by corporate where war is needed to make money, who cares go start war in a poor country in the name of XYZ. They create an actor like a movie for which they create story line around the actor, so that the movie continues for decades, if the actor is too weak or the actor has died, they create another actor. Alqeda is an actor, so is Issis.

    I thought Trump would dismantle the establishment, he is worse than Hillary Clinton, in fact Hillary is stable and consistent. Trump is allover the place, nobody knows what is his next move, even his loyal people around him don’t know his yoyo moods. His staff go on TV to defend him but he embarrass them by giving different answer on the subject, he is a nutcase.

    Trump contradicts himself on daily bases. During presidential campaign he criticized Hillary Clinton for accepting money from Saudi Arabia for Clinton foundation, he criticized Saudi Arabia for the treatment of women, etc but the first country he has visited as president is Saudi Arabia. He criticized Michelle Obama for not wearing head scarf when she visited Saudi Arabia but look at his wife and daughter are not wearing head scarf. He criticized Clinton for being closed to wall street but look at his ministers are millionaires some of whom former Goldman Sachs executives.

    Trump is in Saudi Arabia to sell 100 billion dollar weapons, so that 100 billion dollar weapons dropped on the poorest countries like Yemen, to match with 1 million dollar food aid dropped in the name of foreign aid, where is justice? brother Sadik don’t be fooled, his daughter married to a jew, who is wagging the dog’s tail????

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