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Video: Oromia Media Network Exclusive Interview With Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki

Must Watch: Oromia Media Network Exclusive Interview With Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki

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    • You are a monkey according to PIA. But, I do not blame you because you have a very low IQ (IQ63).

    • Agama banda he was talking about you tplf tplf the enemy of Eritreans and Ethiopians the game is over go to hell.

  1. The leader (Isias) of a parasitic nation (Eritrea). The wish of the parasite and the host is not the same. The parasite wants to exploit and the host tries to get rid of the parasite. The parasite(Eritrea) is removed from the host(Ethiopia). Now we are seeing the parasite suffering.

    • TPLF monkey has no history. The only history I know was when the people of Tigray – representing TPLF – were shot by Italians because they thought that they were monkeys. They saw them from a distance eating a kind of grass (kunti).

    • You Ageme And TPLF are the most Parasite to Us. we now coming up to get the Medicin, U parasite will be eliminated soon,

  2. This guy is not only a despot, and a liar, but an evil!

    1. Ashamed to speak Amharic, hence the interviewers and himself have to blubber in a 3rd or 4th foreign language.

    2. Denied and mocked the centuries old proud history of Ethiopia.

    3. Utterly denied the scarifies of TPLF and EPLF during the struggle that was witnessed and written by many including Eritreans.

    4. If he mocks and belittles the strength of the Ethiopian army under EPRDF, how come he doesn’t dare retake what he “considers Eritrean territory.”
    5. The growth of Ethiopian economy is witnessed by the IMF, WB and international investors who poured billions of direct investment to Ethiopia. Look at the infrastructures, Dams, Universities, transportation (Airlines, train…, what did he do in those 25 yrs to show off? except misery to his own people.
    6. Unashamed to speak of democracy? where are the 15 comrades of his? why are the young and productive still in camps with no benefit? why do they die escaping his dictatorship!
    6. How come none of the many so-called opposition (OLF, ONLF, G7, TPDM ….etc) unable to bring any significant progress under his watch?

    Just WOW! this guy is unbelievable and unashamed! how does he keep his mustache bushy and dark vis a vis his greying and bolding hair anyway?

    • The best quote of PIA “why did you give the throne to the monkeys, when it was supposed to be to the lions”. That is the reality, and you need to accept it.

    • Next time they will interview him in Arabic. what hell are you talking what is wrong if they speak in what ever language they speak.who are you to judge them. negftegna and banada do not want peace. we will destroy you soon.

  3. All of the above commentators tesfa, haile, hemi are barbaric TPLF members. Despite the crimes he committed, this time Esyas has told the truth as follows.

    He said
    -he has never seen as cowardly people as TPLF people
    -there was no Amara ruling class
    -he placed the monkeys in the throne of lions
    -the fate of Ethiopia was determined by TPLF and OLF: Amara and others were not represented. Absolutely true!
    -The tiny minority is in power becasue they are trojonn horses for foreign power
    -TPLF people are pathological liars and they have never changed and they will never change

  4. What kind of English the interviewers were using? Go to school to learn how to speak English. Shame on you.

    • They are your teachers dog agame neftegna banand the game is over. looters.
      You are jealous Mister president did not gave you chance to interview him so that is what burning you go to hell.

  5. Haha, when sons of koshe get angry by the facts of PIA. You guys are living in fantasy.

    • banda agama or neftegna you do not want to be exposed you masterful tplf will be expose and destroyed soon. There will be more and more interview they are million times better than you. they are doing excellent job. job well done.

  6. What a lost generation !
    Who was the major decision maker and advisor for of
    TPLF IT WAS ISAIAS THE LIAR. He laughing on them.

  7. If TPLF is do you think
    this pathological liar
    wait 20 years without any
    proactive action against
    Ethiopia ?
    How many times smashed by
    Ethiopian Army after the
    victories BADEME war?
    8 times lifting major damage on Training ,Military camps.

    • tplf lie the BADEME war is paid price by Ethiopia children not by tplf. tplf was crying. they knew if Ethiopian people abandoned them Isaias could have crushed tplf. Thank you to Ethiopian people most of all to oromo children who paid their treasures life.

      You will seen soon whee tplf is belong hell.

  8. Wow ! To my humble opinion this old man
    needs immediate medical
    It’s a deliberate distortion of facts,
    Who liberates MASSAEA ?
    Who was the COMMANDER
    It was ARKEBE Iqubay.
    I think this old has totally lost his recollections. kkkk

    • Arkebe Ukubay was aglay. Do you know what aglay is? TPLF has no history; that is why TPLF tries to distort history. Woyane has no recorded history of its armed struggle. It tries to fabricate history, which is impossible because it conflicts so much. TPLF has no origin and does not know its destination. The TPLF minority is in the middle of historical crisis. One thing the minority TPLF learned in 25 years has been the art of deception. They know how to deceive its people and the international community, but that is unsustainable. Woyane will collapse by the people of Ethiopia in a very short period of time, and the Tigrayans will pay the heavy price.

    • Those Journalists exposed you master tplf they are your teacher. They taught you know if you want go and interview if you can. They did excellent job.

  9. OMN should have given such an interview to Al-Toweel a long time ago. Why not? He has been footing the bill for this media outfit along with el-Sisi. I used to be very upset at that demon whenever he blows his dragon breaths all over. But I don’t do that anymore. Because I came to grips that he has gone mad. Just listen to the contempt he has for my very proud Oromos. After all this mumbo jumbo from him, we can be rest assured that he is still hell bent in starting a blazing fire in the old country. Distortion, distortion, distortion, all up to ad nauseam. Al-Toweel Isaias gets high in starting fire. He has been doing that since the early 1970’s. You can find about that if you read some of the books written by the former leaders of the EPRP and TPLF. He knew these two groups would come to blows at each other sooner or later. Anyone could predict that just by looking at their programs. What did he do? He trained and armed both individually and sent them separate ways to the same region of Tigray. It did not take them too long to go after each other’s throat. Didn’t they? He is now training and arming a multitude groups of lost souls knowing for fact that if all these groups march in victory into Addis(Finfine), that city will be engulfed in a raging inferno in a heartbeat. Not only there but extremely destructive mayhem will rage throughout the old country. That will be his high, his orgasm!!! Because in my book he is a condemned pyromaniac. He tried to start fire in Djubouti between our Issa and Afar brothers and sisters. He failed. He thought he would start fire in the Sudan. He failed again.. He has been trying to start an inferno in the old country in 1991 and thence forward. He has failed flat on his face again and again so far. One thing I like in this interview is the response he gave this nitwit so-called reporter about the onslaught the TPLF successfully launched on the 20,000 soldiers of the Lencho front. He was actually telling the dummy that it was the Ibsa’s, Lencho and their friends who should have been accountable for the most embarrassing fate that had befallen in the name of my very proud Oromos. The fact was that Isaias himself devised that heinous scheme with the then cousin Meles and the Sebhats in all. That mooncalf reporter should have known that. ‘Many Oromos don’t trust you since then’. What is that? What a stupid question is that? Hello!!!! This demon Isaias is a bona fide pyromaniac. He has found loaded flints in the bodies of Berhanu Nega and Ibsa but these flints failed to spark fire. Therefore he failed flat on his face once again.

    OMN, how much did you make from this smitten interview? I am giving you an order to not come back without giving the same opportunity to el-Sisi. Oh, don’t forget the Wahhabis and your Eyal-al-Souq bankrollers in Doha. I propose a raise to Jawar for this state of the art interview!!! Disgusting!!!!

    • There will be more interview with the president to expose tplf enemy of Ethiopia who is looting our resource and abandoning our people to famine. tplf
      is accumulated our money in oversees banks while Ethiopian people are facing famine this go down to the history. you want to save tplf banda fascist you are massacred our children. you will go to hell with them tplf and their agents will pay heavy price the people of Ethiopia will work with every one who threw stone at tplf to destroy them.
      You agents of tplf your time is over the power is belong to the people. wayand and their agents the game is over.

  10. Hey commentator
    Your economic growth on # 5 is woyanes economics.
    Stop imf bla bla stupidity
    Ye ayt Misikir dinbit

  11. Omn should be ashamed for their disinformation and lack of integrity. Esaya is not the one to talk about freedom or rule of law. How on earth esayas keep on talking the old lies. No matter how elequantly one put it a lie will remain a lie. It is pity that that we still talk about freedom fighters. When Eritrea was with Ethiopia it was indeed free. They had ,every right to live freely. It was true that the governance needed to be improved and that was not only for Eritreans rather for the whole Ethiopians. How dare he still talk about Amhara ruling as the reality was that governance has always been from elites coming from different tribes. Our problem has never been a conflict between the majority of Ethiopian people. Our problem is between dishonest elites who want to use the ordinary people a tool for their evil deed.
    My question to Esayas are
    1) why he still keep his people in cage? Instead of talking nonsense the best way is let your people free.
    2) why do you still keep killing and jailing your own people for disagreeing with your view
    3) instead of talking about Ethiopian leaders, what did you do for Eritreans other than killing them(the subjugated people by Ethiopia)
    My advice to Esayas is that he has paused back to 1960-70 and he keeps the same anecdotal story based on complete lies. Now every word which comes from his mouth is highly scrutinised by every self respecting individuals so he better shut his mouth instead of causing harm. You have no moral to lecture Ethiopia and you better keep busy destroying and killing your beloved Eritrea.
    Omn my advice to you is that disinformation will not work and you have also an ethical responsibility for further killings of innocent people. Please work for the harmony of all Ethiopians. Don’t flatter yourselves that a man like Esayas can tell the truth.he is a man with blood on his hands and ask OLF as they were also the victims of Esayas. How foolish for Omn to deal with this devil.

    • You are enemy of Ethiopian people any one who threw stone at tplf is our friend. what else do you want tplf banda how much did tplf facist paid you. the game is over wayane

  12. Hermi, don’t lie pls. There is only tplf army, not eprdf. Don’t tell us there is economic growth in ethiopia. There is only robing growth in the captured ethiopia by tplf for tplfist. In the name of beher behereseboch fake politic tplf killed the identity of ethiopians successfully where as the identity of ertrreans under Isayas is florishing. So the country called ethiopia will not be exist after the end of tplf era. You can’t build a country by killing the existing collective identity of the people and substitute it with different identity. After the era of Haileselassie and diktator mengistu ethiopia could exist but after the era of Apartheid tplf the name ethiopia will be exist only in history. What i mean is people had two identity one was their ethnic the other was the commen ethiopian identity thanks to tplf and their supporters and the tigreans elite!!!. If u ask the so called analphabet genera Samora Yunus about his identity he tell you proudly that he is only tigrian not ethiopia, not only this damen general but also the whole tplfist believe they are more tigreans than ethiopia. Infact they hate this commen identity of that country ethiopia. Enkuan des alachehu tplfoch!!! We all know they controlled ethiopia just for their economic benefit. Pleas! don’t tell us the acknoledgement of those corrupted organisation like wb and imf. This two organaisation work only for their interest. They are not interested for the suffering of ethiopian people by the worst brutal fascist tplf. Ethiopian people had arrady said down down tplf! And we say down down tplf!!!!

  13. Like many of his fellow citizens he is the victim and outcome of the Italian forged and imposed Eritrean citizenship notion.During his earlier ages in Asmara the colonial authorities in Eritrea created their own go-between avaricious elite first and foremost the Segheneiti Catholics, then Karneshim protestants to spread a superiority image of the Europeans and to despise and humulate the indigenous people,in similar way that has taken place in many colonized African peoples.In the of Eritrea, one is required to to prove an eritrean label by disfiguring and underestimating the indigenous culture and people.Later this sinster notion was reinforced by the Arabs by converting many Tigrigna people into islam spreading them all over eritrea.A good example is the role of the Jebertis,who are the descendants of Tigray,who played a vital role in undermining the Tigrigna nationalism.The story is vast but the core objective is as I tried to state it here, were to undermine the Geeze Agazian culture and tigrigna nationality. Issaias Afeworki is the direct victim and outcome of the inferiority complex imposed by the eritrea notion of colonizers.All his life, he invested his time and effort to prove that he is eritrean instead of Tigrigna,which was labeled as Agame by the Italian and Arab clicks.when one thinks of the strength of the inferiority complex implanted into the young Isaiah’s mind it brings a great astonishment and perplexity to everyone who knows the background history of the region.
    Apparently, it would be rational and imperative to conclude what Issias has traveled in life, is as too much for too little. Does one need; to destroy,dismantle, disintegrate,confuse,ruin the economy,livelihood,culture,history of the people all over this region,specially the Tigrigna, just for the sake of getting relief from self inferiority complex.Finally is Isaias a sane human being? what is his vision about his family parents and siblings and what do his closest siblings’ vision about him?

    • Stop you a lie Ethiopian will never disintegrate it is tplf who wants to disintegrate. you are fighting with whole country. how on earth tplf stay in power any more after they killed so many innocent oromo people the treasures of our country. you Agama you will pay heavy price. Only tplf and neftegna do not want interview what the president is talking about.

      wayane the game is over the buying time doesn’t keep you in power the Ehtiopian people hated you to the death. go to hell.

  14. The interview discloses obvious Shabia wishes – disintegration of Ethiopia. Contrary to your aspirations, Ethiopia has been getting stronger and bigger. We love our Eritrean brothers and sisters, but hate you and your evil motives.

    • The interview was to expose tplf fascist the evil tplf banda wayane agama will have no place in Ethiopian you have been hated by young, old children every one in that country except banda hated tplf wayane. you are running like a made dog for this little time left you tplf will pay heavy price for the crime they have committed specially in oromo people while they are looting oromo resources and all Ethiopian resources. they power is belong to the people. the game is over. tplf go to hell.

  15. dont trust afewerki, he is a tigrey speaker,ather word he is a causon of tplf

    dont trust this man, he is fooling the people of horn africa,

    my self same times i tough he is a spy for tplf.

    tigrey tigrenya, what is difrent? nothing

  16. he told meles, go rule ethiopia, and i rule eritrea,

    atherwise tigrenya people have big problems with the ather tripes in the horn

    that is what he said back in 90ths, to tplf.

    he also killed arested or removed positions ,all members of muslim eritrean freedom fighters, who are really found fathers of eritrean indepedence.

    dont trust this thug lair tplf agent

    i knew his history

  17. One thing that woyane, Isayas and OMN have in common is hate for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. “Kezegero konjo min yemeraritalu”. I am surprised to see supporters OLF, woyane and shabia are belittling each other. All of you are the same narrow-minded idiots.

    Ethiopia shall prevail against all odds.

    • Banda banda son and neftegna go to hell you fascist deed made you enemy of every one. you have no right to talk about OMN. OMN is the eye of oromo people and Ethiopian people who expose tplf and their agents. you will pay price for genocide you have committed to all Ethiopian people from east to wast to North and south. You have no friend you are enemy of the people.

      Ethiopian people hated you. neftegan and banda tplf fascist will go to he.

  18. It is surprising for me whoever landed
    in Asmara and drink the water
    will be immediately be infected with the disease
    called LIE . with due respect the President lies
    is really amazing . Just verify the fact that he
    denies the participation of TPLF fighter largely
    at Nakefa and Massawa war . What an outrageous lies .
    I can provide you books written by Eritreans and the
    former Ethiopian Dergue Armies . noticeably the most decisive
    war at Nakfa would not been ended up with the victory
    over the Ethiopian army had there not been the TPLF
    strong fighters. The old man is a Pathological liar .
    It is a pack of lies . I never thought he is liar to
    this level .

    • Shut up a lie tplf the Eritreans army brought you to Ethiopia center to Addess you lie. the truth is had there not been the Eritreans arm tplf would have been eating grasshopper in tgrai. people are tired of your lie you can not keep lying for ever your time is over go to hell.

  19. Yasaqugn Gazietegna tebyiewochu nachew .

    sitereter angetachewun yeneqenqalu .

    Inesum inde Esatochu igrachewun axbewachw yehon

    aye Shabia ayenun yaxebe Ayin awxa shemaglie

    indezh alayehum.

  20. Infact all organisation call it eplf, tplf, olf or onlf are big african ugly monkyies. Alle are ready to die for the interest of europeans or arab nations. All these gruppe are responsible for the miserable life of east african people. Instead of working for the well being of east african people they all let the people hate and kill each other. All should go to hell!!!

    • Why you do not want any one who destroy tplf fascist people need to be free in their own country. you can not keep in dark people for ever. wake up we are in twenty first century people want to fight for their freedom. Any one who support fascist tplf will go to hell with them.

  21. ሁለቱም ትግሬዎች ኢትዮጵያን እና ህዝቦቹዋን ሲያቆስሉ እና ሲያደሙ የቆዩ ሴጣኖች ናቸው።

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