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Video: Mesfin Feyisa Response to Jawar Mohammed

Video: Mesfin Feyisa Response to Jawar Mohammed
Video: Mesfin Feyisa Response to Jawar Mohammed

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  1. Mesfn has perfectly read Jawar’s mind. Excellent. Jawar was searching for legitmacy for his separatist view. Let’s think for a moment and see what Mesfin has said: what is the difference between TPLF and Jawar and Henok?? Even TPLF is closer to Ethiopia (at least TPLF is trading with the name Ethiopia) whereas Jawar and Tsegaye have deleted Ethiopia in their mind. What’s amazing here, someone like Henok is following this

  2. Mesfin ze Robale and Jawar ze Horata are debating, not fighting! The Atse-Negus culture is dictatorial “my way or the highway”. Gadaa community follows the democratic Abbaa-Gadaa culture, which entertains all the five positions of the Oromo politicians! All Oromo nationals agree on the agenda of bilisummaa/freedom from the TPLF. But Oromo politics is not mono-dimentional, it has 5 post-freedom party-politics: 1) Birmajis believe in independent Oromia, 2) Dulos entertain referendum on independent Oromia vs federal union, 3) Horatas opt for federal union, 4) Michiles prefer referendum on federal union vs integrated Ethiopia, 5) Robales want integrated Ethiopia. So, Oromo community is Gadaa community entertaining all the 5 party positions! Which of the five parties can prevail will be seen in democratic atmosphere after freedom from the TPLF!

  3. where did they get this idiot? I can hardly follow him. As said several times, Ethiopia is not some delicate utensil that breaks up when dropped. It is an entity that lives on —the question is do we really want it to be the good old one bad for many or the one we have now which is only good to a distinct minority. We want a country which respects all and is for all. Noises we hear from those who don’t know what they are talking about (like the idiot above) only complicate matters.

  4. Dear Ato Mesfin,

    Thank you for the objective assessment and response to Jawar’s claptrap. Your seasoned and professional analysis is flawless and impressive.

    Winston Churchill once said that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. The lies of ethnic politics have been roaming around in Ethiopian body politics for over 40 years.

    You have helped truth to puts its pants on. There is no doubt that you have educated thousands of misguided politicians of the likes of Jawar who said that the Republic of Oromia will be built on the demise of Ethiopia. Honestly this was the beginning of the sinking of the ethnic ship which was misguiding many for years.

    Cognizant of the fact that ethnic politics is a cancer that in the end will finish us all, it is time to speak truth to power. And that is what you have done.

    Food for thought: If we all want to pursue a federal system of governance It would be wise to consider provincial federalism for Ethiopia.

    Mesfin-Please continue the good job

  5. Dear Brother Mesfin,

    You raised very good points eloquently. I do not trust Jawar and Ararsa at all, both of them are known for flip-flopping to support their agenda. However, I watched the full video the three guys made good points. I as Amhara, born and grew up rural area in the south, I found it hard aggressive Ethiopiawinet. The area I was born the local people are farmers or nomads, we didn’t know what Ethiopiawinet means, we just lived our lives no problem, until I moved to middle Ethiopia in big cities that I learned about Ehiopiawinet through media, schools and friends. The point is, put yourself in other people’s shoes, let the people embrace Ethiopiawinet from bottom up rather than aggressive push from center. Some close friends of mine that I have known for years want to fight me when I express my opinion, I remember during ethio community meeting a woman hanged the flag upside down, they shouted at her blah blah, I can not stand those right wing aggressive chauvinists.

    The word ‘Amhara’ existed before the word ‘Oromo’, not to be confused with Amharic language which has been existed for centuries. When Atse Tedrose united Abyssinia(Gondar, Tigray, Godjam, Shewa, Wollo), Atse Tedrose used to be called ye Amharaw Nugus. When Atse Yohaness succeeded used to communicate with Amharic language even though he was Tigre. When Menelik took over again Amharic and norther culture is dominant but Menelik recruited more from Oromos and the south, actually the core of Menelik base was Oromos from the second man Gobena Dache to ordinary soldiers. Hailesilasie was the product of Menelik. When Italian came in 1930’s divided the country according to their way, the word ‘Amhara’ region appeared, Galla/Sidama region, Hararge region, Shewa region, Eri/Tigray region. So, the word ‘Amhara’ existed before the word ‘Oromo’ which was invented during Derg. Jawar did not create the word Amhara. But during Hailesilasie and Derg era the word ‘Amhara’ disappeared, the Gallas fought back reclaimed some of their ethnic during Derg. When Woyane took over created artificial ethnic based federalism. So, this issue has not popped up like mushroom, it has been rolling for decades.

    Once we agreed on that, we can talk about the rest. The people who were born and grew up around Addis and big cities don’t understand the suffering of the poor people of Amhara, even if they don’t agree being Amharas but still discriminated as Amharas collectively, you have no idea how many poor Amhara people were targeted during ethio-somalia war? how many were displaced? the past 25 years humiliated labeled as former regimes beneficiaries even though most of them walk barefooted, I did not wear shoes until I moved to big town, my first shoes were sandal made from old rubber Tyre. The people in Amhara region have been systematically marginalized, squeezed out of their villages and towns to expand greater Tigray economy, you want to limit the issue of Welkait as local issue to avoid Amharaness so that does not affect Ethiopiawinet. Ethiopiawinet has been tried, it did not stop famine, extreme poverty even to African standard, has not solved backwardness. I like the idea of Ethiopiawinet from bottom up, let the Mursi tribes embrace Ethiopiawinet rather than forced upon them.

    For any large ethnic very difficult to unite under ethnic nationalism, for a small ethnic much easier but for a large ethnics like Oromos and Amharas very hard to unite all the issues under ethnic based politics, which is why the Oromos have been struggling to hold together complex issues under oromo umbrella for the last 50 years. It is easy to blame the political elites but they have been trying every trick in the book. My point is, the Oromos being the largest ethnic with internal complex issues and geographically at the heart of Ethiopia, extremely difficult to have a separate country. For Oromo political elites, instead of going back 400 years to adapt Gadaa constitution, why don’t they claim the entire Ethiopia itself, how can a giant man running away from a little man like a coward? try to correct the past history if wrong has been done, lead the country toward progressive future, let us see what they are made of, enough crying about the past, create new Ethiopia based on justice and freedom to all.

  6. Mesfin,
    As Jawar clearly compares Amhara’s resistance is opposed by different pro TPLF forces. But Jawar supports ethnic nationalism sympathizes Amhara’s, because Amhara’s ethnicity fighting TPLF will strengthen Oromo’s separatism. Jawar’s ideology is subtle and dangerous. He is also has three hats…1. Oromo separation hidden agenda 2. Religious agenda when he meets imams. 3. Ethiopian unity in a confused way. His political move is more dangerous than TPLF. I can conclude from this video and his previous ones that if Jawar’s group seize power with the help of other resistance group, he will turn his gun against other ethnic group to realize Oromo supremacy.
    My countrymen, do not believe for a second what Jawar is trying to preach. Jawar’s ideology is worst and devastating than TPLF. Wegene avoid any emotional conclusion at all.

  7. I am Oromo. I am a proud Ethiopian. May God Bless All ethiopian people. Two Ideologies I hate most Elite AMharas and Oromos attitude. Most AMharas lived for generations with deceptions and they find it har to accept the existence of other beautiful ethiopians. As the result they always dictate unrealistic politics. They indeed destroyed the dignity of people that belong to other Ethnic groups. This was done by undermining them, insulting them heavily, and denying thier true right. But now, Some are still have this attitude although many start to understand their grave pitfally. They are to balme for the identity crisis they cause to ethiopians from another ethnic groupos. But this is now past. Today, In most part of the country, this is firing back on AMharas-denying thier right to live; undermined; neglected. But people at the bottom are still genuine and innocent. Most Oromo elites- are too narrow and follow a very dangerous and unworkable politics. They are so ignorant and selfish and refuse to think again the most barbaric and dangerous ways forward. The majority Oromos are against this stand, though many young people are deceived, and filled with hatred of others. These oromo elites are spreading curses to their own people by preaching that Oromos have been belittled. This is not true. They are cursing us.
    The fact is that Ethiopia belongs to all equally

  8. I watched Feyisa Mesfin on ESAT with Wendemaagegn. He went through ups and downs in his life. I don’t know the guy but from the above video and from the interview really honest guy who believes in his principle. Both of us were born in the south, both of us the same age groups, both of us speak Afan Oromo, even the same background but I am more Amhara, he is more Oromo but he is more Ethiopianist than I am, see how complicated our politics. I admire this guy for his braveness the fact that he is HIV positive and he is open about it shows that he is credible guy. He achieved a lot by helping people with HIV/aids and was captured by Shabiya during Eri-ethi war fighting for his country, forget the rest even fighting discrimination against the stigma attached to HIV is commendable.

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