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Video: Kenenisa Bekele & Danawit Gebreegziabeher’s Love Story

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  1. What ??? This is no Love Story – Period. It is Woyane’s EFFORT enterprise!

    I consider Kenenissa Bekele a Woyane prisoner of war through his Agame bride, Danawit Gebreegziabeher. Close friends of his say that this Agame lady is controlling all of his wealth.

    It does not look like Marriage but an EFFORT arranged business arrangement to siphon off the prize he brings from international competition. I wish Ermias Legesse reports this scandalous marriage enterprise – as he beautifully captured Woyane/ TPLF looting of the Ethiopian Treasury and Resources in his book titled “Ye Melesse Likakit”.

    Kenenissa Bekele is just another commodity in the Woyane / TPLF crime spree. What a shame!

  2. ጥራት በሌለው አውድዮ አርቲ ብልቲና ፍረከርስኪ ነው የስማነው። ሁላችን አንደምናውቀው የቀነኒሳ የመጀመርያ ጓደኛ አንዴት አንደሞተች። ዎያኔ በዛው በባለጌው ሸህ ተብየው በኩል ቀነኒሳ ትግሬ ኣጋብተው ጉድ አንደሰሩት ነው የምናውቀው። ስለዚህ አዲሱ ስሙ ህጎስ ብለንዋል። የናቱ ማፈሪያ ነው።

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