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Video: Jawar Mohammed on PM Hailemariam Desalegn

Video: Jawar Mohammed on PM Hailemariam Desalegn


  1. When Johar Mahmmed spoke about this discussion he didn’t wear this clothe why you change his photo to this. Stop your conspiracy. When Oromo people show you love do not show as hate. We are more than this. This young man is the hero of Oromo people he united Oromo people not only for Oromo we can say also for all Ethiopians as a result you can see the love between our people. Do not start with us your conspiracy. He Johar Mohammed and all our Qeeroo brought Oromo people and all Ethiopian to his moment to disintegrate and defeat tplf fascist soon. Any one who want conspiracy it’s not with Johar Mohammed it would be with Oromo people for that matter work you job properly.

  2. The pic JM they post looks nice
    I don’t know what conspiracy you talking about
    We spend so much time discussing about
    Useless stuff

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