Video: Jawar Mohammed on Amhara Resistance | MUST LISTEN

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Video: Jawar Mohammed on Amhara Resistance | MUST LISTEN

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  1. Jawar Mohammed: You thought the day you have been dreaming for has arrived fast: the creation of independent ormoia. You believed the organization of Amharic speaking Ethiopians as “Amharas” will justify your narrow and ethnic-based political ideology. My friend, forget it; you are completely wrong. Amharic speaking Ethiopians are first Ethiopians and second Amharas unlike you and your likes who consider themselves first Oromos. For Amharic speaking Ethiopians, there is Ethiopiansim in every cell of the billion cells in their body.The Ethiopian flag is the symbol for their heroic people and their ancient history. Believe it or not, for Amharic speaking Ethiopians you are more dangerous than the woyanes, never ever a comrade, and they will fight your ideology and defend mother Ethiopia.

  2. Jawar, show me a single Amhara who doesn’t see herself/himself as Ethiopian first and I will show you a state called Oromia in the sky. I don’t think you are that deluded. I don’t think you believe one second what you are proffering, you are too intelligent for that.

  3. you guys please talk about the so called “Oromo first” because Oromos are being roasted like peanuts and in Ethiopian history they are the ones who are not smart enough to protect themselves. Don’t worry about the Amhara they know how to take care of themselves and how to deal with others who don’t respect them.

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