Video: Inspiring Speech by Prof. Berhanu Nega on Ethiopia’s People Struggle – MUST WATCH

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Ethiopia: Inspiring Speech by Prof. Berhanu Nega on Ethiopia’s People Struggle – MUST WATCH

Read Aloud:   ESAT Radio: Friday February 6, 2015


  1. The great Dr. Berhanu will be the next president/prime minister of Ethiopia. There is no doubt in my mind. He is so right to note and be surprised that Ethiopian intellectuals are missing in action when it comes to playing a crucial role in the formation of the new and democratic Ethiopia. Some are consumed in the pursuit of either ethical or non ethical self serving activities. In other wards, they don’t give a damn about the well being of other Ethiopians as long as they are doing well. Nevertheless, putting too much stock on the elite/intellectuals of a society can be a big mistake. If we can learn one very important lesson from the recent USA election is the importance of the every day people. President elect Trump was abandoned and vilified by over 90% American elite/intellectuals. Yet, the non intellectuals/non elite americans came to his rescue and put him at the helm of the most powerful position in the world. The teaching point for Dr. Berhanu and his people is to put more focus on the every day non elite Ethiopians. Talk to their needs, aspiration and solutions to their problems. In return ask for their allegiance and support financial or otherwise. Most of Mr. Trump’s donation were less than $100 and were coming for ordinary folks, mostly middle class people. Asking millions of every day Ethiopians for less than $10 at a time will for sure net many times more money than trying to secure a larger sum of money per person from some of the well of richer Ethiopians. Therefore, one of the most important task for Dr. Berhanu and his media people is to create a very robust continuous easy to comprehend common sense communication medium between them and the vast majority of Ethiopians. The communication has to be two ways by soliciting feedback from every day/ordinary Ethiopians on a regular basis. Giving the poorest and middle class Ethiopians a voice, stake and role in the brainstorming of solutions to the country’s problems and prioritizing of the unlimited opportunities a future democratic Ethiopia will bring to all.

  2. Dr. Nega is suprised and angered by the lack of constructive particapation by ethiopian intellectuals/elite. He said, he is not asking them to join ginbot 7 patriotic front or other opposition parties. Instead he is asking them to participate in a genuine democratic transition of Ethiopia. He is urging them to use their talent and profession to help ethiopia and ethiopians. That is those with law expertise to contribute in drafting a new constitution based on democratic principle, those in business to come up with an economic policy based free market principle and private ownership of close to 100% of businesses including telecommunication, media, airlines, power generation etc etc. However, most ethiopian intellectuals/elite are not sharing their talent and time for a betterment ethiopia for a variety of reasons. Some are selfish and/or lazy, others actually benefit from the current TPLF/EPDRF government and while others may be very busy with work and/or family life. Be that as it may, my advice for the good Doc and his leadership is to harness the power, energy and resourcefulness of everyday ethiopians. To regulary communicate and engage with day laborers, fast food/restaurant workers, teachers, the umployed, the homeless, business man/women, taxi drivers etc etc in ethiopia and diapora. Tell them how his party will improve theirs and their families life. How under his leadership the vast majority of ethiopians will be gainfully employed and their pay will not only adequately cover their living expenses but also will be enough to save and/or invest. In current ethiopia vast majority of jobs do not pay enough to cover rental expense let alone other living expenses such as food and clothing. Also, under new leadership homelessness will be eliminated my making affordable housing available to all ethiopians. Currently, there is a very high homeless population in every major cites in ethiopia especially in addis abeba. Last but not least hunger which is ubiquituous in current ethiopia will be eliminated by adapting democracy, free market economy where close to 100% of businesses including lands will be owned by private citizens, peaceful coexistance with neighboring and other countries, trade to brings jobs to ethiopia and benefit ethiopian businesses and citizens, promotion and rewarding of innovation and Entrepreneurship. After convincing the vast majority of ethiopians that their best interest will be served by new democratic government it will be easy to secure their moral, practical and financial support. $1.00 from 1 million poor ethiopians is worth a lot more than $1000 from 200 elite ethiopians.

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