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Video: Huge Fight Eritreans vs Syrians in Hamburg, Germany 2016

Video: Huge Fight Eritreans vs Syrians in Hamburg, Germany 2016

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  1. This is what happens when a large number of people from different countries are driven out of their land by dictators and want to share a space in a faraway place. Forget the fighting. I am sure the Syrians won! But what do the Syrians and the Eritreans have in common? They are the largest group of people fleeing their homeland. Second, they have brutal dictators in power at home. Third, they both are looking for a better life as any human will. The Eritreans assume the world is the same as they were in the past. Things have changed. No one cares for the plight of dark skinned people anymore. As we are witnesses, life is not grand in the diaspora either. What is sad is this: You fight for 30 years a blind war killing your brothers and sisters and what you have is a regime no better than the past. That to me is futile. Politics is a heap of refuse. A wise man should burn the pile of that trash without polluting the environment. I believe the unity of black people around the globe is the only way to bring a lasting relief to the misery of our people. Being Eritrean, Ethiopian, Sudanese or Nigerian is meaningless. Otherwise, the exodus will continue unabated and pretty soon the Oromos and other ethnically divided people of Ethiopia will join the Syrians and the Eritreans in a foreign land. Wake up EPLF and TPLF, time is changing, let our people live in freedom and peace in their own land!

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