Video: Habtamu Ayalew reveals shocking inside story of life in Ethiopian Prison

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Habtamu Ayalew reveals shocking inside story of life in Ethiopian Prison

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  1. woyane is a freak,sideshow,monster.
    Are they really from Tigray where many dignified,God fearing people lived?
    Shame on those who support them.

  2. Brother,
    We know about the things you could not mention. TPLF sodomize men and women and they video tape their action. Such film is used as a tool to silence anyone and everyone. We have ample evidence many prominent and non prominent politicians have been shamed and gone dark (underground) fearing the release of such videos to the public. I say let all come out to light. Let the world see everything!
    You ought to write a book (with illustration) about your experience and the experience of those who suffered and died at the hands of the TPLF. It must be chronicled. There is no shame in suffering. TPLF is worst than the Italian Fascists. No normal person will urinate and defecate on any human being. But they do. They are animals.
    Those psychological scars that are far painful than your physical torture scars, we know the words they use. The entire Oromo and Amhara people are insulted and abused without any remorse to punish their victims. What is amazing is how in the world people live in such a country? Without a question, had I been in Ethiopia, I will not spend a day under such a regime. I will kill and die or I will die trying. Life is too short to appease it on when it is wronged.
    Finally, you were in room #7, we have something in common. We both suffered in a room that bears the #7!

  3. ውድ ወንድሜ ሃብታሙ አያሌው፣
    የደረሰብህን ሰምቼ እጅግ አዝኛለሁ። ደግሞ ታሪክህን ባደባባይ መናገር ይነስብህ?
    ለሚያክሙህ ሐኪሞች ነርሶች ባገኘኸው እድል ሁሉ ተናገር።
    ለኢትዮጵያውን ወገኖችህ መናገርህ ብቻ አይበቃም። እውነትቱ እንዲገለጽ፣
    በእስር ላይ ያንተን የመሰለ ሰቆቃ እየደረሰባቸው ላሉቱ፣ ድምጻቸው ሳይሰማላቸው
    ለሞቱት ያለህላቸው አንተ ነህ። ያለህበት አካባቢ ሴኔተር፣ ኮንግረስማን፣ ቲቪ ስቴሽን፣
    ሂዩመን ራይትስ፣ አምነስቲ፣ ወዘተ ቀጠሮ ይዘውልህ መናገር አለብህ።
    እግዜር ይምማርህ

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