Video: Freedom, Peace and Equality for all Ethiopians | by Muluneh Yohannes

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Freedom, Peace and Equality for all Ethiopians | by Activist Muluneh Yohannes

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  1. The only people subjected to brutal oppression are my Oromos, Gojjamians and Gondarites. May be Afarians a little also. That is why these three people are on their way to found their own independent democratic republics and that will happen very, very soon.

  2. Hordofa: if we all have the same right and equality why do you need to found a new republic? Do you think getting your independence is equal to human right and freedom? Take Eritrea they have their own flag and recognized as a country, but are Eritrean free?

  3. Ethio_Andinet:
    We Oromos along with our friends in Gondaria and Gojjamia are going to found their own independent nations because the country called Ethiopia never existed in reality. It has been a myth, a metaphor stuck hard in the minds of those who benefited alone, the neftegnas. Have you read the book by my most famous Oromo university professor? The word Ethiopia was coined up that neftegna bandit king Selassie and his British accomplice who was the governor of Khartoum in 1942. They took the name Ethiopia from the bible to create the largest prison of common people of my Oromia. Godarites and Gojjamians were also imprisoned. You/we should leave Eritrea to Eritreans. One of my Oromo well educated scholars who had been to Eritrea many times has told me that Eritreans are the most free people in the entire Africa and the Middle East. He told me that their system of governance is the most sophisticated democratic system ever designed by mankind. He told me that he had visited huge bicycle, motor cycle and small cars manufacturing factories where more than a million Eritreans are employed full time making more than 15 dollars an hour. He told me that it seems every Eritrean is driving either a Mercedes, BMW or a Jaguar. Comparing to other countries in the region, he told me that Eritrea is like a paradise or Shangri-La. Case closed!!!

  4. Aye Muluneh Yohaness. Gonder hiberet eyalk bichahin telefaleh lelawin Amhara ageleleh. Dikem yalew behilmu dawela yishekemal ale yagere sew. Ene lemisale gondere negn. Ene yemidegefew And strong Amhara enji ende ante bekebele woreje be gonderenet alesebasebim.

  5. Muluneh Yohaness is a well paid weyane. First, he used to work for TPLF in a special project (Ethiopian Foreign Affairs) and they sent him France in the name of scholarship. He then got a visiting visa and came to Seattle. Now, he plays as an activist but his mission is to make sure to kill Amhara uprising by distribute fake propaganda and divide people by territory such as Gonder, Gojjam, wello so fourth… In fact, lots of article written on his background.. He claims he drives Uber but he spent much of his time at Saba Ethiopian Restaurant in Carambula room.. for him, driving Uber is merely a cover up, but his real deal is to serve his master weyane as informant!!
    Long live Ethiopia !!
    Down with Weyane and asemesayoch !!

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