Video – The prisoner, identified as Wossen Assaye escaped from INOVA Fairfax Hospital

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  1. He was a regular GERD project bond purchaser at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC.
    He was heard saying the world is responsible for not acting quicker to save the lives of his family members during the 1984 famine in Ethiopia. He said he is doing his part to make sure such a mass death due to hunger does not occur in Ethiopia again. He said he will guarantee Ethiopia will stop begging for food from other countries by selling hydroelectric power which he was determined to finance more than anyother diaspora Ethiopians which the record now is held by him as the highest GERD dam bond dam purchaser of all diasporas. An accused bank robber who authorities said escaped custody at a Virginia hospital, stole a gun and led authorities on a nine-hour manhunt has been captured, .
    Wossen Assaye was captured in Washington, D.C., after a massive pursuit, a high-ranking police official told NBC Washington. He was taken into custody around 11:30 a.m. ET Tuesday.
    Assaye was being treated at Inova Fairfax Hospital before he grabbed a security guard’s gun and fled in his gown and bare feet early Tuesday, authorities said. He later carjacked a woman several miles away, they said.
    He overpowered the guard at the hospital at about 3 a.m. ET.. A shot was fired during the struggle, but nobody was injured, authorities said.
    The carjacking was reported about four hours later in nearby Annandale. Fairfax County police said that the victim identified Assaye and said that he was wearing a hospital gown. They later found the car and said he might have switched to a different one.
    Assaye was being held by Alexandria City on federal charges for armed bank robbery, and he had been taken to the hospital after trying to hurt himself, police said.
    He has an “extensive criminal record” and a history of violence and poses a “serious risk to the community,” according to a 2012 Virginia parole board document. The document said that he committed robberies and burglaries.
    Public records show a rap sheet dating to 1972 for a Wossen Assaye, including a breaking-and-entering charge in 1998 and a purse-snatching conviction in 1994, for which he was given a recommended sentence of a year in jail.

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