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Video: Dr Mulugeta Kassahun on Gonder Hibret

Video: Dr Mulugeta Kassahun on Gonder Hibret

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  1. Dr Mulugeta, how do reconcile the contradiction between YOUR statement, “Gonder Hibret does not oppose Amara organizations..” with the statement by GH chairman, Abebe, who lashes out Amhara organizers in his infantile and ignorant speech. I am sorry to tell you that you either resign or shape the path of Gonder Hibret. As you said GH may not have to be a political organization. As a civic ( if at all it is) collection of people from Gonder region, make sure it does not meddle in and stand against the effort of some Amara youth to organize and mobilize the Amaras to defend themselves against the multifaceted war declared by TPLF. If GH in the final analysis is not going to work in the interest of Amara struggle for survival, it is already a fiasco.

    I know GH tends to side AG7. That is very good move. Let AG7 push against TPLF from the other side, and Amara organizations confront it from the other, and corner it and stamped on it. I also understand that some AG7 leaders are foolishly or forced by circumstances, pursuing a policy of distancing themselves from Amara movements for fear of offending Isayas Afeworki. Given the sincerity and credibility of the leaders of AG7, it is unfortunate they are wedged in a narrow crack from which they cannot escape. However, we have to continue supporting them and all Amara and other ‘gossa’ organizations that work for bringing about the downfall of TPLF.

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