Video: Achamyaleh Tamiru’s full speech at the 2017 Amhara Convention Washington DC

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Ethiopia: Achamyaleh Tamiru’s full speech at the 2017 Amhara Convention Washington DC

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  1. Ato Achamyeleh, I appreciate your effort or perhaps your devotion to the cause of the Amharas, whose existence is threatened. I wanted to listen to your video recorded speech with great interest. From what I could grasp, I agree with the reasoning you gave as to why the Amharas need to organize. Unfortunately, I could not listen to the end joyfully. I was disappointed. One reason is the video quality; occasionally hard to hear and grasp words. The second reason is that it looked to me you were not thoroughly prepared to tackle the issue in depth and sophistication. You have the truth to forward, but it seemed you did not master your topic. The other thing I observed was the gestures you were making while presenting: leaning on your arm, sliding to one side of the table, poking under your right ear several times, etc. Hey man, you are dealing with a very important and historic issue. Be presentable!!

    One last thing. Please avoid inserting English words or phrases in your speech. (This advice is too all the so called elites in the diaspora as well as at home) Doing that makes your speech cheap and interrupted by a blank. Do you think the vast majority of the Amharas who do not understand English would be interested in your discourse? Why do you need the support of English while Amharic is capable enough to explain and reason out? When you said “..take over yadergal”, I nauseated. If you consider my observation and advice as trivial, it is up to you. What I assure you is that you are on the right path to make positive history regarding the organisational need of the Amharas.

    Thank You and all the others that are trying to work towards saving the Amharas from the onslaught of TPLF.

  2. Here is our future leader in the making. I have been reading his several articles and listening to his number of presentations and unlike the other self styled amara politicians, this young gentleman will definitely emerge a real leader. He has matured himself in the process and doesnt settle to trivial faction politics. He is so focused in uniting the Amara struggle though few detractors appear blocking his way. He doesnt show animosity to any genuine national movement unlike those who are not capable enough to consider themselves as an amara to say the least. His wider perspective on the amara struggle as a movement part and parcel to national struggle against TPLF distinguishes this gentleman from those duplicating 10 plus amara parties every corner. Amara deserves to be represented by one very strong organization and no duplication of any sort. It is a sinister move TPLF and cohorts are imposing on opportunists making a living out of such fragmented and chaotic situation currently confusing the amara people.More over. shut down the so called “voice” and establish a better media outlet which will be managed and run by professionals with mature journalistic qualification. ThE MORESH GROUP, PLEASE FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE “TONE DOWN” YOUR RHETORIC; IT IS OLD FASHIONED.Your outdated propaganda machine gives no benefit nor adds momentum to the Amara movement. SERVES NO PURPOSE

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