Victory in the Battlefield, Defeat in the Cyberspace: Ethiopia’s Agonizing Reality

The Queen of Sheba
January 17, 2020

The Ethiopian government has successfully—and thunderously—crashed the putsch perpetrated by a TPLF cabal in short few weeks. The victory—and the defeat—and its execution and pace will be a new, and important, addition to the annals of conflict in the Ethiopian history.

The cabal—supported by its paid operatives, shenanigans, and “white-TPLFs”—huffed and puffed as it heinously struck—and massacred—the Ethiopian National Defence Forces of the Northern Command—in their sleep. Then they deceived, misrepresented, lied, and screamed as they were annihilated by the wounded, but highly-spirited, and well-disciplined, army.


The Dominant, But Misleading, Narratives

First, the cabal misled the world by accusing the Command of attacking it first to justify its offensive as a counter attack. The regular and the social media—fortified with “digital Weyanes” and their paid so-called analysts—were abuzz accusing the Northern Command—the victim—as a villain. Then weirdly appeared a triumphant cabal spokesperson on its favourite TV media, admitting a pre-emptive, and thunderous, strike on the Command.

To be sure, only the US official, a Secretary of State, vigorously condemned the attack on the Command. The firm position of Djibouti was expressed in awarding Ethiopia’s top army commander its highest prize following the culmination of the major operation. The rest fiddled, fudged or waffled around the criminality of the cabal.

As the fortunes of the conflict turned south, the cabal and its operatives incessantly contrived to internationalize the conflict by roping others, including the United Arab Emirates. They accused that the drone attack was operated by UAE. This turned out to be also a fabrication, but facts did not matter. The idea was as much to diminish the victory of the Ethiopian forces as it was to raise the cabal’s moral and ego that were bruised mortally.

The deafening lies escalated as the cabal forces got routed from one city, town, village to another—in a humiliating defeat. However, the cabal forces and their shenanigans orchestrated a media blitz with vengeance in a rather coordinated manner involving personalities in the major media, including the BBC, Aljazeera, Reuters, New York Times. Only the BBC is known to have apologized, so far. But, it did not really matter—the damage was already done. The cabal scored again.

In one of the most barbaric turn of events, the cabal forces perpetrated the genocide in My-Kadra. In this tragic incident, over a thousand unarmed, largely seasonal laborers of mostly Amhara descent, were savagely slaughtered. While Amnesty International and others condemned the atrocities, the UNHCR attempted to apportion the blame, in the process diminishing the full force of the condemnation, as I wrote in “Dispensing Culpability: UNHCR’s Glaring Double Standard”.

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Then came the looting and destruction of airfields, bridges, roads, communication infrastructure, churches, mosques, schools, offices, and hospitals by retreating, but marauding, cabal forces.  An avalanche of lies, fabrications, and diversions were unleashed, once again demonizing the government. What is deeply deplorable is the absence of a robust global voice asking the most obvious, and basic, question: Why would a government force which is taking over would do anyone of these “shootings on the foot”?

Yet another one came from the UN blasting the Ethiopian government for preventing access to the affected regions when its own forces broke the agreement. The UN sent a belated apology for that—but the damage was already done—again. This mattered little, as accusations, incriminations and demonization of the victim continued unabated.

The European Union has withheld aid and threating more—based on lies and fabricated stories cooked by the cabal forces—sold by paid-operatives—such as Martin Plaut, Alex de Wall and Kjetil Tronvoll—masquerading as analysts, fellows and researchers hiding in academic institutions.

Ethiopia has lost the diplomatic and cyber battles even as it won the just “ground war” which it conducted in the most professional way. It has been out-manoeuvered, out-witted, and out-bested—on the cyber field. The cabal has beaten the Ethiopian government from its death caves through its propaganda machines operating globally.


Academia: A Hideout for Mercenaries

The paid enablers, shenanigans and apologists of the TPLF cabal abound—thanks to the looted fortunes that made it possible. Two of the most apologists of the cabal, Alex de Waal and Martin Plaut, may probably beat anyone else in their incredible zeal to fabricate, falsehood, and incitement. I noted some glaring falsehood and incitement in my earlier piece on Plaut in this piece: “Abiy’s “Horrendous Misjudgement”: TPLF’s History of “Fight from the Hills””. Here, I only wish to share his outlandish emotions, in his own words, as Sibhat Nega, the God father of the cabal, was captured in a dramatic manner.

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Plaut, on January 10, 2021, tweeted: “I have been crying non stop in my room for 24 hours straight. Very sad day for all of us. Chief Sibhat Nega, you will be missed!” I would leave it to readers to make up their minds of this “fellow” at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, on his independence, objectivity and integrity.

In his latest piece, this mercenary war monger, who hinted to Tigreans to “fight from the hills”, now directly incites Ugandans, in similar fashion, to “Take to the bush and fight a guerrilla war” in protest to Musevini’s victory. One wonders, why the Ethiopian, and now the Ugandan, governments do not log official protest to his institution.

So much for fellowship which licenses such mercenaries to take refuge in such institutions.

Alex de Waal—who claims to be, a “Research Professor and Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation at The Fletcher School, Tufts University”, USA, and another hired gun—like Plaut, sobbed on the killing of one of the architects of the cabal in his cave hideouts fighting the army. In an undeserving eulogy “In Memoriam: Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopian Peacemaker and Patriot” he wickedly contrasted his death with the former distinguished Ethiopian foreign minister Aklilu Habtewold who was dragged out of prison and killed by the Dergue. And yet, this cabal minister, who is one of the architects of the TPLF, is notoriously known in Ethiopia for his bizarre lies on the Ethio-Eritrea border arbitration, the state of GERD and the Nobel Prize of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, among others.

Like his partner-in-crime, shamefully blurted “The circumstances of Seyoum’s killing aren’t clear…. Eritrea—which may well have carried out the assassinations—is remaining silent.” This is yet another glaring and orchestrated, but futile, attempt to diminish the caliber, competence and ability of the Ethiopian army from crushing the rebellion to pursuing and killing its fugitives. Oh, yes, to garner sympathy from the world, by playing the disabilities of the disgraced “elderly Tigrayans killed in the same incident,” he pathetically listed blindness, heart issue and walking difficulty.

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So much for the director of, so called, World Peace Foundation.

One thing has become starkly clear that these former correspondents, turned “fellows”, seem to have no qualms in selling their souls to the best bidder. It is really important for students and academics in international politics and development to closely study the integrity of these paid-operatives—and challenge them in their respective institutions.


Rape Charges: The New Fabrication

Of recent, rape seems to be the new-found allegation against the Ethiopian government and its army. I deliberately wanted to note this in a separate section here. The cabal forces—and their shenanigans—who have excelled in the art of fabricating a story and then broadcasting it through their “respectable fellows” and “research professors” are now cooking up this new allegation against the government.

But, months before the conflict in Tigray, there were documented reports and broadcasted news of rampant rape in the region. If there was any widespread rape before the conflict, it may have been exacerbated by the tens of thousands of criminals recklessly unleashed from prisons by the cabal itself as it was fleeing.

The Ethiopian army has an impeccable record of discipline and professionalism in all the places it served—regionally and internationally. The recent picture showing the “excessively humane” treatment of its captured enemy combatants and fugitives in their caves—that included washing their feet—is simply biblical! Regardless, the attempt to stain all Ethiopia’s assets continues to be part of the plot of the loosing cabal—and its enablers.


In Conclusion

To be sure, in the murky world of cyberspace, it is not always the facts that particularly matter—as do perceptions. In this fast world, the quest for facts have become more unwieldy, cumbersome, sluggish, and as such, increasingly less significant.

Ethiopia has done a fantastic job in neutralizing the attack of the cabal—on the battlefield. But it has regrettably failed in communicating the narrative appropriately, expeditiously, vocally, and systematically. The Ethiopian government is now reaping the fruits of its sloppiness in this key front.

This chronic Achilles heel will continue to cost Ethiopia—dearly. Thus, the need for an immediate action cannot be overemphasized.

The Queen of Sheba may be reached at QueenOfSheba2020@outlook.com




  1. We are supposed to think Queen Sheba is all of a sudden engaged in a cyber warfare this past few months because she got the desire to do so, and f she had that desire she would have acted accordingly a while back , she just started her online articles publishing gig becoming a regular articles contributor online just to win fame winning her more money support for her go fund me campaign she is intending to get money helping her dancing Jazz Club stay in business .
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    • @Menbere Aklilum,

      Why does all that matter do you think, why would we need to know or care whether she is making money, how she is making it, for what purpose and so on and so forth? Well, it is all very stupid, nonsense, my friend. She wrote an opinion piece, if you don’t agree with her, then, comment on those things. Other than that, you need to shut up!

  2. @The Queen of Sheba,

    Thank you for your article – it is a very good summary of some of the facts on the ground. However, we need to go beyond that and ask what are the reasons behind what took place and is still taking place.

    If we do that, we find that the most significant reason why for Ethiopia winning the war with the TPLF but losing the public relations war is the lopsidedness and the total mismatching of the forces battling and advocating for the two different sides in public relations arena.

    Specifically, the incompetent and corrupt ultra-ethno nationalists appointed to various diplomatic posts and given high level government positions purely on the basis of their ethnicity and loyalty to Abiy Ahmed are no match to the smarter and more educated mercenaries bought and cultivated by the TPLF during its almost three decades in power.

    Since coming to power, Abiy Ahmed has been busy emptying out every government bureaucracies and institutions and diplomatic posts and filling them up with know-nothing ethno nationalists and others selected on the basis of their ethnicity alone – without regard to their competence or professionalism. In general, there was very, very little professionalism before – there is now even less.

    Abiy Ahmed’s ultra-ethno nationalists are not only spectacularly incompetent, they have also very little or no interest in defending the country. Case in point: we had recently an Ethiopian general – the chief of staff, no less – appointed for his ethnicity, definitely not for his competence, who gave an interview in which it was difficult to tell whether the village idiot was working for Ethiopia or the Sudan – who has invaded the country.

    It is one thing for Ethiopia to postpone the response to the Sudan invasion owing to the country’s other current difficulties and so on; it is entirely something else for the country’s military chief of staff to come out and openly advocate for the enemy.

    That idiot would have been asked to put in his resignation pronto if it was anywhere else; however, in the comically absurd land where Abiy Ahmed reigns, he would be lauded and given accolades. Well, with men like that ridiculous general calling the shots, no one should wonder why Ethiopia is losing the public relation war being waged by TPLF’s mercenaries.

    Moreover, it was not simply what happened during or after the – the failure, the incompetence, the stupidity began long before the beginning of the war. As such, Abiy Ahmed tried to avoid the unavoidable, and rubbished those who suggested timely actions to tame the TPLF – always providing revolving sets of rationalizations for his not acting.

    What really stopped him from acting, the lies and rationalizations aside, was his desire to keep the TPLF intact in order to use them against the Amhara. It was Abiy Ahmed’s and his radical ethno nationalists fervent hope that the TPLF will attack Amhara Region – in which case, the Federal government that he leads will do nothing or even provide cover for the TPLF.

    While busy dreaming of and waiting for the beginning of the slaughter of the Amharas by the well-trained and well-armed TPLF – he failed to anticipate and consider that the TPLF might come after him. Thus Abiy Ahmed completely missed the continuous warning light including the TPLF’s quite open and extensive preparations to steal Ethiopia’s advanced weapon systems and equipment and more.

    It is mind blowing to learn that Abiy Ahmed sent the TPLF 3.5 billion Birr on the eve of the war. Well, they did steal – at least some of – Ethiopia’s advanced weapon systems and equipment as they were planning to. What is more, thanks to our deluded sociopath, Abiy Ahmed, they have also had all their other expenses they needed to attack Ethiopia covered by Ethiopia!

    With all that and more, the TPLF still lost the war thanks to the great sacrifice and selfless dedications to country and people shown by both the ENDF and the Amhara Special Forces.

    Since the completion of the war, Abiy Ahmed have been trying to pay back the Amhara for their sacrifice by orchestrating continued, out and out anti-Amhara sentiments and by allowing the intensification of the killing of the Amara in Metekel and more.

    Their wretched plan to get the Amhara slaughtered by the TPLF has now failed, they have been very busy finding other ways to achieve the same end. The ultra-ethno nationalist such as Taye Dendea, Shimeles Abdisa and others are at the forefront of that effort.

    Well, all that and much more are the continued machinations and shenanigans of Abiy Ahmed and his government. And now this same government is being attacked by the International media including the New York times, the Economist, Foreign Policy and numerous others – mostly in regard to the execution of the war in Tigray and its aftermath. Some of these attacks are unfair, biased and distorted and so on and so forth.

    The question now is, should we care about all that? No, we shouldn’t – not at all.

    TPLF is dead, none of the screaming of the mercenaries on the cyberspace or elsewhere is going to bring it back. We must stop now focusing on that, consider the rest of the problems of our country. Some stupid arguments such as whether Seyoum Mesfin was killed in a shootout or as the idiots argue he was executed – who cares? Whatever happened the guy deserved what came to him – so many suffered and died because he lived.

    Still, the media focus and attention on the country however it came about can be used to our advantage. As they say, when the gods give you lemon, make a lemonade. Among other things, why waste our energy, there is very little that is defensible in actions or inactions of the Ethiopian government anyway.

    We will be better advised to use the opportunity the media attention and focus to continue to bring to the front and highlight Abiy Ahmed’s phony accusations and indefinite detentions of innocent Ethiopian leaders such as Eskinder Nega, Sentayehu Chekol, Aster Seyum and others.

    We must also push for independent investigations to what amount to be government sponsored genocides that are occurring in Metekel and in various parts of the Oromo region – yes, we should also support and push for an independent investigation of the reported of human right abuses and so on in Tigray region as well. The war was against TPLF, not against civilian populations – any abuse must be investigated.

    Moreover, it is a forgone conclusion that the upcoming election in Ethiopia will be unfair and rigged – however, it is likely to be slightly less so if there is a continued media attention and focus on the country. Still, what kind of election will it be anyway with some of the competitors such as Eskinder Nega in prison, harassment and a clamp on the independent media, little or no security in many regions of the country and so on and so forth?

    Well, Abiy Ahmed and his government have been giving the middle finger to all who have been demanding accountability for a while now – well, with so much media attention on him and his government now, there might be less of that, going forward. Let’s hope.

    Well, I must stop now – ‘oh no, I have said too much, I haven’t said enough,’ R.E.M, was it?

  3. To the editors,

    I wrote comment or a response to the above article but I realize now it is a bit too long. I wonder if you could publish it as another article on its own under the heading: A Response to “Victory in the Battlefield, Defeat in the Cyberspace: Ethiopia’s Agonizing Reality” if it is possible to do so. If not, feel free to go about it whichever way you think it is best. Thanks, M.

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