Vice President Biden Address the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit (Video)

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Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Civil Society Forum in Washington, D.C. on August 4, 2014.

Vice President Biden Address the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit (Video)


  1. Who were we then, ?who are we now?
    Anyone in his right mind would never ever think, His Majesty, Haile SELASIE to be called to any where in the World and be lectured on Good Governance, Democracy, Human Right,World Security and Conflict resolution. In fact HIM, in 1936 addressed all heads of States at the League of Nations. His speech was on Colonization and Neo- Colonization. Civility and lack of ethics prevailed while the Emperor was delivering his speech. He Paused for a while and said. ” it’s Us Today and it’s Going to be You Tomorrow”. And that was exactly what happened. It was His Majesty who resolved conflicts between nations. When Nigeria was about to split with secessionist Biafra, he called both leaders and saved Nigeria remain united. When Democracy was in question in Korea, he sent his army and made a phenomenal contribution . Congo was in turmoil, not only he sent his army, his Chief of Staff, General Kebede Gebre was Commander in Chief of all the United Nation Forces.
    That was then.this is Now.!!
    What is paradoxical is, these African leaders,they sit there like elementary school students and they CLAP hands. Clapping hands, is acknowledging and believing on what the speaker is saying. If that is the case, that’s fine. But each of these dictators are known for muzzling their people not to express themselves. They all have imprisoned thousands of human right activist, journalists, bloggers, political party members and leaders. So, one really wonders what is the clapping for? I was able to also learn, 3 African Leaders are not invited. WHY ?? To me they are also brutal Dictators.NO Freedom of expression etc, etc, just like the ones invited. The only difference these 3 has in common is.
    1. They didn’t allow their land to be given out to outsiders by uprooting the endogenous ppl. 2.They confiscated land unjustly owned by Europeans. 3. The didn’t allow orders from Washington or London to dictate them in their internal affairs. Ahha, I guess the WEST don’t like that. Kudos to the 3 leaders. But, try to show you are better on Human Right, Freedom of speech and in general on Democracy !! Okay!

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