Menbere Aklilu – Very Inspiring Beautiful Ethiopian Lady

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  1. Like it Dr. Menbi!!! Your smile is heart warming, your determination is resolute,your story is colorful. Your life is a living testement of a good citizen that lives the hard time with hope and the good time with giving back! God bless your work! God bless your dream! Keep the good work up!!!

  2. Wow You are something .I’m so proud of you.May god bless you and your family and continue success.

  3. I am so proud of you. your message is the base of life. I wish all the best to u & your family

  4. Dear Your Honorary Dr Menbere!
    Please allow me to say a few Words.
    Congratulations for your determination and success.I have no words how much I am proud of you.!!! I am sure that all Ethiopian Mothers and the young generation will take you into their heart and soul for achieving so much in spite of all herdles.
    Let God blase You !!

  5. Dear Dr. Membere,

    I am very proud of you, your inspirational speech, your nobel spirit and exemplary life to many women around the world, specially to struggling women in Ethiopia. May God be with and help you to make true your dream.

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