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Video: Pastor Dawit Molalign Responds to Fake Facebook Photo of Him

Very Funny: Pastor Dawit Molalign Responds to Fake Facebook Photo of Him


  1. How sadistic is this? Meaningless shout. What is wrong with such people is they are the ones that fan the flame of division and hate. If this is constructive to the listeners and the person doing the talking, I am missing something. His talk resembles more of a drunk standup comedian than a pastor talking to his congregation.
    He veers off from Facebook to You Tube and to numerous quotes of the scripture coming back to mimicking his antagonists in a mocking manner. I find it to be empty, repulsive and full of worthless words. Could he be the one who is portrayed in the picture drinking the local brew? Who exactly knows these days? What we see is not what we get, what we hear is different than what we detect using our senses. For sure this talk appears to be full of air.

  2. I like this pastor. He is different among those protestants. He always talks the truth and what he thinks with humor.

  3. I am not surprised watching this so-called Pastor is making just terrible noise and kind of badly dramatized body movement because that is the way these people try to win the very psychology of poor religious believers and give out what they have. What makes me very sad is seeing those believers who just sting before the man who just pretend his mind is driven by the Holy Spirit . Alas, I am a Christian, but neither conservative nor naïve nor stupidly passive. I hate this kind of personality of do any crazy act in the name of the Holy Spirit if it makes earthly living wonderful . Be it a priest or pastor , or bishop or the top head of any given church; I do not allow myself just to be an object which just receives anything passively. No way! God has never created this kind of creature at all. He created human being with a very sophisticated brain for a great purpose: to question and understand what is good or bad , genuine or disingenuous, sincere or cynical, materially motivated or truly spiritual, terribly dramatized performance in the name of the Holy spirit to make earthly living great or just making joy out of this kind of craziness , and so no and so forth.
    The guy talks about how he brought a baby back from death. No doubt Jesus Christ has done miracles and somehow his true followers (very few) too. But if those pastors or priests and even top ones of our time and specially who enjoy the material life of modern cities more than an average believer have the real power of healing to the extent of bringing back from death, I have to say that is a mockery of God Himself. I am not saying there are no any with exceptionally open and honest minds and hearts of spirituality in the world or in Ethiopia. But what I am saying is that these kinds of religious personalities are extremely difficult to find them anywhere and any time and they are not people of stage actors in the name of religious believes.
    Get upset or not, it is because of those religious personalities who unfortunately changed systems of religious believes into a great business of earthly living this world should suffer from a constant and terribly destructive phenomena . So , the only solution to make what is terribly going wrong right is to challenge/question the very credibility and spirituality of priests or preachers of our time more particularly those who run away from the people who need their help for the sake of making their earthly lives as great as possible.What is very sad is that they try to make sure that their way of life continue going better by telling or preaching about the horrible lives of the people whom they left behind (better to say betrayed. And what is more outrageous is that these well-to-do in life pastors and priests do not preach the people who are suffering from every aspect of terrible life to come together and fight for their rights and live as dignified human beings. Rather, they tell them it is okay to suffer because it is the silence for great life after death. Is this not stupidly to separate the very essences of human rights and dignities from the teachings of Christianity ? Absolutely it is!
    Imagine not only beliers but all Ethiopians how it is disturbing to witness a pastor or priest who run away from his poor people and live in the diaspora with greatly decent life keep preaching the people that they should take their sufferings either as blessings or punishments from God and to live with it.

    I hope God will see this terrible way of practicing religion or faith and give the people the courage and power to change things before they got much more devastating.

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