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For Immediate Release

Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Office of Press Relations

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On the third day of her trip to Sudan, Administrator Samantha Power traveled to Um Rakuba refugee camp in Gedaref State to meet with refugees from Ethiopia’s Tigray region, representatives of Sudanese communities hosting the refugees, and U.S. government humanitarian partners responding to the crisis. USAID is providing food assistance to nearly all of the more than 46,000 refugees who have fled to Sudan since the start of the conflict.

The Administrator spoke with representatives from the World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees about the humanitarian assistance they are providing to Um Rakuba’s 21,000 refugees. Sudanese living in areas near the camp described the impact of the refugee crisis on their communities, which, along with the Government of Sudan, have welcomed Ethiopians fleeing conflict, atrocities, and starvation. Administrator Power then toured food and cash distribution sites and heard directly from camp residents and frontline humanitarian workers. The Administrator sat with a group of women living at Um Rakuba and heard their stories, including accounts of horrific sexual violence at the hands of armed groups.

Following her trip to Eastern Sudan, the Administrator returned to Khartoum and toured a Government of Sudan Family Support Program (SFSP) enrollment center. SFSP is a USAID-supported social safety net program designed to ensure Sudanese people can make ends meet as the country makes important economic reforms. Administrator Power spoke with the young volunteers who work in their communities to get their neighbors enrolled in the program as well as with families who were in the process of enrolling for the first time. To date, some 1.35 million families have been enrolled with 400,000 receiving payments through both WFP and the World Bank. The World Bank has a target of 3 million families enrolled and receiving payments by the end of the calendar year. USAID has provided $20 million and is planning a further infusion of support in order to help expand enrollment.

The Administrator then sat down for an interview with the Sudanese Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) – formerly a propaganda arm of the Bashir regime that is now serving as a reliable source of news for the Sudanese people. USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives is providing funding and support to SBC in its transition to a news organization that is legally independent of the government.

Following the interview, the Administrator held detailed discussions with Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari, about the wide range of judicial, regulatory, and legislative reforms that his ministry has begun, while they discussed the specific support from USAID and other donors that could strengthen the ministry’s capacity for reform and accelerate the strengthening of the rule of law after so many decades of impunity, corruption, and neglect.

Additionally, the Administrator’s delegation met with a group representing Sudan’s business community to discuss the vital role of the private sector in advancing economic growth as the country emerges from years of international isolation.



  1. The Evil act of Samanta Power, Hands off Ethiopia!!

    No more tragedy, Ethiopia government has to make aggressive campaign and continuous PR for sabotage made by TPLF rebellion and readiness of the tragedy for Samanta Power. Great stand and serious actions need from Ethiopia side. This the time for Ethiopian government and people of Ethiopia to make unity more and dignify its sovereignty. America administration still is on wrong foreign policy, it is a shameful act of asking by her for humanitarian assistance on Sudan border while they kept silent when TPLF closed the Afar corridor & her question to Ethiopia govt for concession to be reached with one terrorist and rebellion group, TPLF. It is terrible for America government though it is not a new agenda to hear such stands.

    A public protest and demonstration have to be done here in Ethiopia urgently before she back to US.

    Ethiopia government has to facilitate this soon.
    Long live to Ethiopia!!
    Damn, damn to those aggressive countries (US & allies), international medias and humanitarian organizations.

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