USA Strongly Condemns TPLF

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15 Nov 2020 – (EP) The United States deplored by the misadventure of the terrorist TPLF group in the East Africa.
The U.S. State Department’s top diplomat for Africa on Sunday denounced attacks by Ethiopia’s rebellious Tigray region on neighbouring Eritrea.
Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy (pictured with Isaias in 2018) said, “The United States strongly condemns the TPLF’s unjustifiable attacks against Eritrea on November 14 and its efforts to internationalize the conflict in Tigray. We continue to urge immediate action to protect civilians, deescalate tensions, and restore peace.”
The Assistant Secretary also said, “we condemn the massacre of civilians in Mai-Kadra and strongly urge immediate steps to de-escalate and end conflict throughout the Tigray region. It is essential that peace be restored and civilians be protected.”
Read Aloud:   Video - Ethiopia: Protest in front of State Department, Washington DC


  1. ደብረፅዮን ገብረሚካኤል ፣ አባይ ፀሐዬ ፣ አዜብ መስፍን ፣ ጌታቸው አስፋ ፣ ስብሀት ነጋ ፣ አርከበ ዕቁባይ በሙሉ በህይውት አሉ። በሙሉ ተገደሉ የተባለው ሐሠት ነው።

  2. Eritrea is actively engaged in the developing war in Ethiopia – The UN should take measures against Eritrea!

  3. Seyom,

    Clique of junta group. U don’t have an ability to condemn Eritrea as the UN & the world knows everything.

  4. Yetesfa Chilanchile

    You are Shabiya the mother of the all the Junta clique , you need a good whipping once again.

    I guess you need war with Ethiopia and sanctions every two decades. Be careful what you wish for because we are in a mood of punishing Junta bandits.

  5. We stand with Ethiopia ,we want to see all Ethiopian proper also tigray but if kintq isn’t listening to the Ethiopian leader I mean and start a war what will be next is a war or punishment !

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