US: Warning of a possible terror attack in Ethiopia by Al-Shabab

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US Embassy in Addis Ababab recommended its citizens residing or traveling to Ethiopia extreme caution and vigilance in travelling or residing to Ethiopia over a possible terror attacks by the Al-Qaeda linked group and to take appropriate steps to enhance personal security.
The safety advisory the embassy said was issued due to threat from Al-Shabaab against Ethiopia and western interests in Ethiopia.
“The Embassy continues to receive credible threat reports of Al-Shabaab’s intent and capability to attack Ethiopia and western interests in Ethiopia” it said in a statement Sudan Tribune received on Sunday.
The embassy said that there have been a number of incursions along the Ethiopian-Somali border in recent weeks urging its citizens to maintain a high level of vigilance and.
“While there is no known specific information regarding the timing or location of an attack, we would like to remind U.S. citizens to be especially vigilant in areas where large numbers of US and western citizens congregate, including restaurants, hotels, bars, places of worship, supermarkets, and shopping malls” the statement said.
The embassy highly recommended for Americans living in Ethiopia and those travelling to Ethiopia to enrol in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).
Ethiopia, is one of the front-line states that have sent its troops to Somalia to accelerate war against Al-Qaeda affiliated group, Alshabab which threatened to launch attacks to countries that sent its troops to Somalia. It has already managed to successfully launch deadly terror attacks on Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti which their troops are in line with Somali government forces against the battle with Alshabab armed fighters in Somalia.


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