US Senators James Inhofe, Michael Enzi Visit Ethiopia

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Senator James Inhofe, R-OK, ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee

October 14, 2017 – U.S. Senators James Inhofe and Michael Enzi visited Ethiopia on October 12 and 13 to discuss U.S.-Ethiopian relations, according to communique sent by US Embassy to The Senators met with Prime Minister Hailemariam.

During the meeting the Senators highlighted the value the United States places on its bilateral relations with Ethiopia and the strong ties between our people. They reiterated the United States’ commitment to working in partnership with Ethiopia to take on challenges such as regional security and economic development.

Senators Inhofe and Enzi expressed a sincere desire to provide whatever assistance would be helpful to address the ongoing tensions in Ethiopia, and reaffirmed the strong friendship between our two nations.

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  1. United States have no gut to say the right word to Ethiopian gov. and I believe the Ethiopian gov. dictates the US unfortunately.

  2. whatever assistance may mean also machine guns and poison gases to kill more Ethiopians??? Is it not this guy who threatened to block the HR? In every generation, there are evils and associate of evils. He is one of the evils from the American population. After all, it won’t be Americans or Europeans who will liberate Ethiopians. Only Ethiopian population can do that. No one can stand and face the storm of determined population. Even that evil Meles has said it as he knew what will be capable to disband them: the storm of angered and determined population.

    This HR thing is a time killer if we wait for that to bear anything. That will never happen as long as there are evil people like this BS senators. People must focus and get organised to tighten the rope around TPLF

    Army members from ANDEM & OPDO must not collaborate to kill people. If that is the case, TPLF wont have any chance. ANDEM & OPDO must help and protect their own people as TPLF does protecting and benefiting their people. ANDEM & OPDO must not kill their own people as TPLF doesn’t kill their own people.

    TPLF kills oromo, amhara, gurage, etc.. But it protects Tigrees. That is incredibly insane to see when ANDEM & OPDO collaborates with TPLF to kill their own people. One must have spoiled head to not to understand this simple reality. Forget HR160 or like that.

  3. As un imaginable as it is why this particular Saneter is defending Wayane who kills and jails it’s own people just to stay in power let us not forget the history this Saneter told once about the babies being born in the alles of Ethiopia and are …………….and the protest in front of his office in Oklahoma.While he was in wayanes office Ethiopians were being killed by his Wayane freins which he has no statement about it.We are aware of all of the contacts you do with the killers and jailers of innocent Ethiopians.

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