US issues warning after Ethiopia grenade attacks

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Thousands of people joined protests that erupted in several parts of Ethiopia in 2015, triggering a state of emergency

The United States issued a warning Thursday to its citizens about travelling to a popular tourist region in Ethiopia after a string of grenade attacks targeting hotels and homes.

The US embassy in Addis Ababa said there had been four grenade blasts this month in Gondar, a city in the north known for its ancient castles.

A popular stop on Ethiopia’s tourist circuit, Gondar was also the scene of anti-government protests last year that led to the declaration of a nationwide state of emergency.

“The embassy recommends US citizens carefully consider whether travel to Gondar is necessary at this time,” the embassy said in a statement.

A spokesman for Ethiopia’s government had no immediate comment.

While Ethiopia has enjoyed rapid economic growth in recent years and falling poverty rates, protests erupted in 2015 by communities disenchanted with the government of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

Human rights groups say hundreds of people were killed and thousands arrested when security forces cracked down on the demonstrations.

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The unrest erupted in the central Oromo region near the capital and then spread to Amhara in the north, including Gondar.

State-run Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported this month that Ethiopia’s human rights commission had submitted a report to parliament saying 669 people were killed in last year’s protests, along with 63 security officers.

The unrest led parliament to declare a six-month state of emergency in October 2016, which was extended for another four months in March.

Source: – Daily Mail

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  1. Now this will hurt a lot of people at the bottom and not a leave a scratch on the regime. In such restraining advice and other similar measures like embargoes the person who will shoulder the damage most is that hustler, that street peddler making a respectful living. And those tourist guides? They are the ones who will be left holding the bag, empty bags that is. Whoever did this, whoever is getting the high with lobbing deadly grenades in public places is not hurting the regime but rather those hardworking folks at the bottom. It is nothing short of terrifying innocent civilians. As a man of peace and proponent of peaceful struggle, I don’t find throwing explosives at public places and private entities entertaining but rather a hindrance to those who are working hard to bring the political stalemate to a peaceful end. Now you Isaias operatives, you can say what you want. You can hurl whatever repulsive insults at me. I can’t help it, you can’t help it because that is what you are. You are bred and raised just like those eyal-al-souqs in Cairo, Riyadh, Doha and every joint in Asmara. You are hell bent in starting an inferno in the old country. That you will never succeed. Despots on site such as the Sebhat’s in all has never succeeded being there on the spot since 1991, so how can you by a remote control? Never and ever!!!

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