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US Envoy In Ethiopia To Save TPLF Terrorist Group

ADDS civil society call for peace

US envoy Mike Hammer was in Ethiopia on Tuesday to seek a halt to renewed clashes between pro-government forces and Tigrayan rebels in the country’s war-torn north.

The United States dispatched Hammer, its special envoy for the Horn of Africa, to Ethiopia at the weekend, after the resumption of fighting last month shattered a truce and dashed hopes of ending a humanitarian crisis triggered by the nearly two-year war.

The United Nations’ special envoy for the Horn of Africa, Hanna Serwaa Tetteh, “met the US envoy today in Addis but there are no plans for a joint mission”, a UN spokesperson told AFP late Monday.

During his previous trip to Ethiopia last month, Hammer travelled to Tigray with his European Union counterpart Annette Weber, and the pair angered federal authorities by urging them to restore basic services such as electricity and communications to the stricken region.

Details about his ongoing visit were scant, with no information available from either Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government or US authorities.

Getachew Reda, spokesman for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group, would not confirm any plans to see Hammer.

But he told AFP in a message on Tuesday: “We are willing to meet anyone with a serious intention to resolve the war on Tigray peacefully.”

In a press conference uploaded to the YouTube channel of TPLF-linked Tigrai TV late Monday, Getachew described “very intense fighting” under way and said the rebels were resisting joint offensives by forces from Ethiopia and neighbouring Eritrea.

Fighting had been concentrated around the southeastern border of Tigray, but has since spread along the region’s southern border, to areas west and north of the initial clashes.

“Our forces were able to defend their positions effectively in Wag (in Amhara region, which neighbours Tigray) and are now launching a counter-offensive,” said Getachew.

AFP was not able to independently verify the claims. Access to northern Ethiopia is severely restricted and Tigray has been under a communications blackout for over a year.

Addis Ababa has not responded to requests for comment.

Around 35 civil society organisations, including women’s rights activists and press freedom groups, issued a public call for peace, urging the warring sides to hold talks and for basic services to be reinstated in Tigray and surrounding areas.

“The conflicts have not only deprived citizens of essential rights… but they have also reached a stage where the country’s existence is threatened,” they said in a statement on Tuesday, referring to clashes in the north and in other parts of Ethiopia.


“If these conflicts aren’t solved peacefully, we are afraid our country will enter into a crisis that it won’t be able to pull through.

The two sides have traded blame for starting the latest round of hostilities, with the TPLF accusing Abiy’s government and Eritrea — which backed federal forces during the war’s early phase — of launching a joint offensive against Tigray.

Abiy won the Nobel Peace Prize for his reconciliation with Eritrea but has fallen out of favour with Washington, a longtime Ethiopian ally, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken condemning “ethnic cleansing” in western Tigray.

Abiy sent troops into Tigray to topple the TPLF — the region’s then ruling party — in November 2020 in response to what he said were rebel attacks on federal army camps.

5 thoughts on “US Envoy In Ethiopia To Save TPLF Terrorist Group”

  1. I Hope And Pray H.E Mike Hammer Will Somehow Succeed In His Task To Bring The Warring Factions Back To Their Senses. I Am For Any One Who Will Try To Stop This Stupid Bloody Conflict Started By Stupid Individuals. With A Day Passing There Are Many Of The Gullible Youth Being Marched To Their Deaths. Tens Of Thousands Were Denied A Chance To Live Another Day Already. This Idiocy Must Stop!

    As Far As Our Eritrean Brothers And Sisters I Am The School Of Thoughts That They Have Allah Given Rights To Protect Their Families And Country. If They Are Shot At Or Even Just Menaced They Can Go All The Way To Source To Silence The Source. The Solution To Avoid Their Defensive Military Move Is To Have Debre And His Cabals Stop The Provocation Which Is Fat Chance. He Does Not Care. He Will Keep Sending The Gullible Youths To Their Deaths Using Them as His Human Wave fighting tactics And Mine Sweeping ‘Human’ Expendables’ While He And His Walrus Buddy Just Chillin’ In Their Rabbit Holes munching on cans of sardines and boxes of fortified crackers they stole from the UN.

  2. No surprise here.TPLF is a baby of the west born and nurtured for a purpose. Yes they had to castigate it four years ago when it misbehaved by leaning towards china a little bit too much. Now it is a punished boy, it will do their bidding readily and it is no wonder that they rush to its aid.
    Well they should not concern themselves too much. The grand kid pP is not that much different and could serve them as well.

  3. QUOTE: US Envoy In Ethiopia To Save TPLF Terrorist Group. News / September 6, 2022, By Aymeric VINCENOT, September 6, 2022 ADDS Civil Society Call For Peace UNQUOTE

    To be Frank and honest, from the bottom of my heart, I would suggest that the good old Magnanomous Friend of the Universe, the
    God-blessed United States of America, consider letting Ethiopia to manage its own affairs, without Interfering against any country on the Globe.

    Is that too much Freedom and Liberty to ask?????? Just a question.
    After all, shouldn’t we follow the Extraordinary United States of America and let States, countries and Villages , around the Globe, Develop their own Living in tandem with the example of the Good Old USA? Just a question, a sign of LIBERTY in our Blessed Universe.

    AMEN — INSHALAH , in alphabetical order. THE END

  4. Mike Jammer is Susan Rice and TPLF envoy . He Doesn’t care for If Ethiopia goes to hell. TPLF brought hell to Ethiopians & jammer is to Help tplf just do that. Let Ethiopia call a spade a spade & break ties with America.

  5. Yetesfa Chilanchile

    ……..US Envoy Mike Hammer Was In Ethiopia On Tuesday To Seek A Halt To Renewed Clashes Between Pro-Government Forces And Tigrayan Rebels In The Country’s War-Torn North. ……………

    ITTU ABA FARDA said,
    … I Am For Any One Who Will Try To Stop This Stupid Bloody Conflict Started By Stupid Individuals. ……

    Sure, no one seek such Stupid bloody conflict as they are playing on fire and on so many innocent people, children, Tanagers and elders. This is one of the most devil acts in this century. The dram is that this US envoy mission is real different than that of real political mission which eventually plan to secure the culminate of the war by Safeguarding the Terrorist group, TPLF as they are more than friends in order to meet their plan and objectives of dismantling the unity of great Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia government has to be smart enough on this America envoy mission and instead systematically has to culminate the war soon. If not, as a precondition the so called TPLF leaders have to give their hands and ends up the war, by taking a bargaining power they have to give their hands otherwise the game still will continue & the issues remain unresolved?????????????????????

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