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US drone, air strike kills more than 150 al-Shabaab fighters, Pentagon reveals

Dec. 18, 2008: Somali al-Shabaab fighters stand stand guard during a public flogging by the hardline Islamic group in Bula Marer town. (Reuters)
Dec. 18, 2008: Somali al-Shabaab fighters stand stand guard during a public flogging by the hardline Islamic group in Bula Marer town. (Reuters)

More than 150 al-Shabaab fighters were killed as they stood in formation at a graduation ceremony, a Pentagon spokesman told reporters Monday.
The strike, which used manned and unmanned aircraft, targeted a terrorist training camp in Raso, Somalia. Raso is located 120 miles north of the capital city of Mogadishu.
The camp, which held up to 200 fighters at a time, was preparing to conduct a “large scale attack” against U.S. and African forces sometime in the future, according to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis.
The attack occurred “near the end of that training,” Davis said, but he did not reveal how the U.S. military made that determination.
There were no indications of civilian casualties, Davis said.
The camp had been under close observation for two weeks before the strike, according to Davis.
“We struck the camp and destroyed it,” he said.
Source: Fox News

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  1. I have read somewhere where it says, ” when one fly dies, One hundred other files come to its funeral.” !! US went after this terrorist group and that terrorist group, and killed this leader and that leader, what then, a dozen more hard core terrorist came up, to take their place. It is so sad that this is the only solution they seem to follow, even when they know it is not working!!
    Alshabab is the cereation of TPLF!! The regime in Ethiopia under Zenawi went into Somalia boasting to clear the country of the moderate Islamic government and the out come of that dumb and deaf decision gave rise to a hard core terrorist group in Alshabab!! The US government by now should know that the major threat to East Africa and to their interest is TPLF who wants the war on “terrorism” to continue unabated, becasue it is a big source of revenue to them.
    Sad to say the poor Ethiopian soldiers are the victims in this senseless war, which sees no end in the near future. Now I don’t mind if the TPLF Tegraye soldiers are the ones who are in the fore front. No! no! the poor ethiopians soldiers of the Amahars and the oromos that are being slaughtered by Alshebab!!
    The TPLF Tegraye soldiers are busy in Contraband business all over the country!
    When will the US administration learn from their mistakes?
    TPLF (the curse of the nation) will be gone sooner or later! As I have said before either the Ethiopia we know will be done with or The curse will be removed, the two can never coexist!! there will be no peace in Ethiopia and East Africa as long as this pest group continues to reign in their terror, among the broad mass of Ethiopia!
    The Struggle will continue on every hand!
    Ethiopia shall be free from the grip of this curse-TPLF!!
    I know God shall wipe away the tears from every eyes one of these days!!

  2. USA har committed genocide crime by killing Somalis. USA has nothing to do in Africa. USA is the main, primary cause of the problems in Ethiopia. USA is supporting, financing and arming the bloody tplf/woyane in Ethiopia against the people of Ethiopia. USA is a measure problem for the Ethiopians

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