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US Ambassador to UN Samantha Power Says Free Bekele Gerba

bekele Gerba OFC

This holiday season, as families in the United States gather, we are reminded of all the missed holidays, bittersweet birthdays, and family occasions where a mother, brother, friend, or neighbor was missing because a government chose to muzzle their voices and lock them up.

So throughout this holiday season, the United States government will be profiling the cases of prisoners unjustly held around the world and the families they leave behind. The stories of these individuals will highlight the broader struggle faced by so many families of political prisoners, who have to commemorate countless family occasions with loved ones behind bars…These prisoners represent thousands of other prisoners unjustly detained around the world.

Authorities detained Oromo Federalist Congress Deputy Chairman Bekele Gerba on December 23, 2015 and later charged him along with more than 20 others under Ethiopia’s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation. There were reports that authorities mistreated Bekele and others, including denying them adequate medical care and access to visitors including legal counsel. Bekele Gerba is one of thousands detained following the start of protests in November 2015.

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We call on the Government of Ethiopia to release all political prisoners and ensure all Ethiopians enjoy the protections of their constitutional rights.

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  1. Mrs. Samantha Power’s alleged expression of concern for Bequele Gerba’s welfare is mere posturing and a very disingenuous one at that.

    No Ethiopian in his right frame of mind would pay any attention to such futile remarks. The American ambassador to the United Nations hopefully knows that the TPLF is a terrorist organization which 95% of Ethiopians would love to make minced meat of. The spies and informants in the American embassy in Ethiopia should cable this routinely.

    This tribal band called TPLF that assumed power by force of arms hails from a tiny ethnic group that comprises a mere 5% of Ethiopia’s population. No sooner than usurping power with the help of the USA, they dismantled every symbol of national unity. They divided the nation with over 80 different linguistic groups, along spurious ethnic lines. They have been deliberately pitting one group against the other leading to the violent deaths of tens of thousands.

    Over the last 25 years, they have been plundering the country, killing every individual that questioned the wholesale eviction of people from their ancestral lands to make way for the Tigre occupation forces or so-called investors.
    They have killed tens of thousands of Ethiopians extra- judicially most of which is documented. They have carried out spates of massacre of genocide proportion on Amaras, Oromos, Somalis, Anuaks and others.

    If the American government was genuinely interested in justice ( we know it is not !), Bequele Gerba and the thousands of innocent Ethiopians like him who are incarcerated in jails under brutal conditions, would have been released in a flash.

    Mrs. Power, your country has no credibility with us Ethiopians, at least. Because your government has been inimical to our interest from the day fascist Italy invaded our country in 1935. America was an ally of Mussolini whose ‘triumphant’ entry into Ethiopia’s capital prompted America’s secretary of state Cordell Hull, to send a congratulatory telegram to the fascist. That the Italian imperialist bombed hundreds of thousands of innocent and defenseless Ethiopians violating all norms of warfare by contravening the Geneva convention by using mustard gas, did not matter.
    Mrs. Power, as you are a citizen of a nation with short memory, let me give you a little lesson in your own history.

    It was America, under a man called Herman Cohen which installed these traitors leading Ethiopia today. I assure you that they would have been slapped with the death penalty had they been Americans. It is this regime that America is still propping. That is why I say, ‘give me a break’ Mrs. Power.

  2. I second the call by the honorable lady. This family man along with Obbo Eskinder and all others like them must be let go. Let them go back to their families as free men.

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