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URGENT CALL OF ACTION Habtamu Ayalew is still in Comma. Please send email to the American Embassy at Addis Ababa


To: Ambassador Patricia M. Haslach
Embassy of the United State of America
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Re: Habtamu Ayalew

Dear Ambassador Haslach

Worm Greetings.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Habtamu Ayalew, who is in critical medical condition, and is not expected to survive unless he receives immediate medical treatments.

Mr. Ayalew was one of the officers of UDJ, a political organization that lead peaceful political activities in Ethiopia. This political organization has been subjected to relentless attack by the special armed forces of the government. Its officers have been harassed and jailed for months and years without due process. Mr. Ayalew was jailed and freed in the past. As it is always the case, the government forces pursued him, and never left him alone. Again, the forces arrested Mr. Ayalew and took him away. Mr. Ayalew was a healthy person when they took him. They released him unconscious and in comma.

None of the major Hospitals in Addis Ababa have been able to treat him or diagnosed his medical problems. They have advised families to seek treatment in hospitals that have adequate facilities to diagnose and provide him effective treat.

I am writing this letter to your honor with firm belief that it is within your power to intervene in matter involving gross violation of Human Rights. What the Government of Ethiopia is doing is contrary to the values of Human Rights the United States of America is committed. The United States of America has good relations with Ethiopia, and its political influences of goodwill are profound, and they have been instrumental to human rights causes.

I kindly request your honor to express concern about the abuses of human rights denying Mr. Ayalew to seek medical attention abroad because he cannot get the necessary treatments in Ethiopia according to his doctors. Mr. Ayalew is not expected to live longer unless he is given proper treatment.

I am confident that your honor will exert a necessary influence to save Mr. Ayalew. I would like to thank your honor in advance for the quick action on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Please consider to use (copy & paste) if you agree the above statements, which I am using to state my concern on behalf of Mr. Habtamu Ayalew.


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