Urgent Appeal on Recurrent State-Sponsored Atrocities in Ethiopia H.E. Mr. Donald Trump, President of the USA

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Dear Excellency
The undersigned Ethiopian civic, political and religious organizations in the Diaspora express deep utter disappointment and dismay that the UN, EU, AU and major bilateral donors such as the United States and the UK continue to ignore the dire and debilitating political environment in Ethiopia. Unaddressed fast, the world may soon witness another Syria and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. By pouring billions of dollars in humanitarian, security and development assistance to a small ruling clique that has become shamelessly wealthy on the back of the Ethiopian poor, Western democracies have become enablers of repression, all in the name of anti-terrorism, stability and mutual national interests. Forgotten and ignored are 94 percent of Ethiopia’s 102 million citizens who continue to suffer from abject poverty and repression by their own government. ..… Read More………….


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  1. EPRDF will go through major restructuring begining 2020. EPRDF took hard the blow they suffered from TAMPERE UNIVERSITY. EPRDF was disgraced by by Hailemariam Desalegn . The next Prime Minster being considered by EPRDF is Debretsion Gebremichael (Tigrinya: ደብረፅዮን ገብሬሚካኤል?) is the current Minister of Communication and Information Technology and one of the three deputy prime ministers of Ethiopia .The other one being considered for Prime Minster post by EPRDF is Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tigrinya: ቴዎድሮስ አድሓኖም ገብረኢየሱስ). Doctor Theodros Adanhom is wiling to run for the Prime Minster post in Ethiopia in the upcoming election, only if he is not selected to become the Director of world health Organization.

  2. 1. The amount of American financial aid received by the Ethiopian government since it took power:
    $30 billion.
    2. The amount stolen by Ethiopia’s leaders since it took power: $30 billion.

    Isayas Afeworki, who with his sole hands designed and created the TPLF, in his recent interview with the OMN called the TPLF leaders THIEVES, common THIEVES. But these crime of theft is insignificant compared to the human right violation the clique is committing in Ethiopia. The amount of money might sound to be huge but still its nothing compared to the extrajudicial killings they conduct every day. The TPLF has set up a holocaust type concentration camps where it keeps tens of thousands of young people whom it considers as a treat to it rule. The detainees are intentionally deprived of food and medication. They are mistreated and dehumanized to the point of submission. Those who sustain, and seem to pose resistance are killed right away.
    When we come to the Amhara people the story is different. The TPLF has a covert plan to wipe out this group of people from the face of the earth. Today its a curse to be an Amhara. An Amhara is screened out from all opportunities of life, job, education, even the list basic right for life.

    Recently, we heard from Ato Habtamu Ayalew, TPLFs ex-prisoner of conscience some despicable treatments in the centers of ‘crime’ investigation. Ato Habtamu, despite eminent repercussions to his family, courageously exposed the few of the torture methods the TPLF conducts in a bid to extract confession.

    A prisoner is stretched arm to arm tied on the cross. As the prisoner hangs, they tie a 2 liter plastic bottle of water to his penis and let it dangle.

    To those prisoners who are Amhara, the torture goes as far as sodomizing a man, which is considered as the most dehumanizing act of torture. Mutilating a woman’s body is also a common treatment.

    Such are the people who rule Ethiopia today. Shame!!

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