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Unidentified Perpetrators Kill Dangote Cement Ethiopia Country Manager Deep Kamara, Two Ethiopians

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  1. Oh no!!! This is a big no no!!! This is going to send a shockwave throughout the investing world outside the country and that country needs foreign investment very badly. I hope such savage crime was not committed just to make this young new PM look bad and incapable. Such act should be condemned with the strongest term possible by all peace mongering individuals and groups anywhere. This is outright senseless and savage. The country should not be turned into an outlaw territory. No, this is not right. It should be condemned unanimously.

  2. ወያኔ፥የሞሰብ፥ሲሚንቶ፥ምርትን፥ያለተወዳዳሪ፥ለመሸጥ፥ሲል፥ያደረገዉ፥ነዉ፥፥በግድያዉ፥የአረመኔዉ፥

  3. Kero/Qero did it , who else? This is a national shame and disgrace to all Ethiopian’s . How can a normal person with a sane mind justify such heinous crime?

  4. Why are these bulshit so called Oromia region quite about these ongoing stupidities. We have never had these in the centre before. Dear All Ethiopians, We are Oromos, let all Ethiopians hold together to end these OLF affiliated organizations including elements within OPDO that are now real problems to all of us as a country. They havoced tremendous challenges to our livelihood. We have been quite. They killed innocent civilians-we have been quite, they killed youngsters of non-oromos-we have been quite. They erect deadly monument (e.g. arsi-which is blasphemy to all Ethiopians)-we have been quite. They destroyed- infrastructures, private properties, public enterprises-we have been quite. They destroyed-transport vehicles-we have been quite. Now they start killing Oromo elders, youngsters, women and girls- we have been quite. They put the sovergnity of our country at a very risk-we have been quite. Some of these idiot elements are hiding within OPDO. Dear Ethiopians we are all affected unianimously by these barbaric attitudes of some narrow individuals or group of people that we can no more tolerate. we use all amunition to cut them into piece if the government is not taking any action. If we are all united-it won’t take us a month to root them out. NO we must stand all of us together to break this barbaric actions of such individuals. We know they won’t escpae and they will be brought to justice soonest.

  5. Killing a foreigner and innocent Ethiopians is completely unacceptable.

    We can not give any reasoning. This must be condemned and be fought to end this crisis. This is stupidity and barbaric act. The so called Oromia region is really getting ungovernable just because of these idiot OPDO politicians. We will face an narrow and misbehavior individuals or groups of people will face a severe resistance and confrontation.
    Dear all Ethiopians we need to rise up. Let us hold hands together. This stupid so called Oromo secessionist and nationalists are poisoning our people. We have been quite for so long.

  6. Dear Boona
    you use Oromo name and blame TPLF when these idiot narrow Oromo nationalists and secessionists are messing up the whole country. Soon, time will end to your misbehavior. All Ethiopians will hold hands together to burry you. you will see. Quietness doesn’t mean defeat.

  7. wedinakfa you are sth unworthy

    nobody among TPLF or its fan killed them just a man like you who work for robbers i man with the same money minided spirit

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