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Understanding Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki: In His Own Words

Understanding Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki: In His Own Words

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  1. Isaias Afewerki was a very smart and cunning politician because he used tens of thousands of Tigryan youth as cannon fodder to attain the independence of Eritrea.
    The Tigrayans paid more in lives and limbs than Eritreans did for this strong man.
    The TPLF leaders specially the late Meles Zenawi learned from the methods of Isaias and expended tens of thousands of Amhara and Oromo lives in their wars of 1998 and 2000. No Tigrayan was deployed in the war front during this war and the Tigrayan units were deployed in the rear to shoot at and kill any retreating Amhara or Oromo soldiers. The TPLF leaders had committed war crimes.

  2. The biggest problems in Ethiopian ( Amhara)are they are vary fast to righ communities, but slow in practice, I think your people living up side down and is good for guys help your people do not west your time

  3. What the Ethiopians do not/fail to accept is that Isaias is the president of an Independent and sovereign state of Eritrea. As such, his commitments and obligations are to his country & people. Get used to the bitter fact that Eritrea is out of your grip and try to come up with new ideas that can help in the furtherance of the two sisterly countries’ mutual interests and the betterment of their brotherly peoples! Anything else is just futile propaganda.


  4. I thought President Isaias made it clear that he does NOT support Oromo’s separation from the Ethiopian State. He characterized TPLF as a bunch of common thieves. What is not to like?

  5. I don’t understand. You Amhara guys are so confused; if you continue like that you will continue to live as slaves of the Woyane – TPLF regime for ever.

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