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UK’s Foreign Office Foreign Travel Advice Advises Against All Travel To Gonder

United Kingdom’s (UK) Foreign Office Foreign travel advice issued today advised against all travel to Gonder, Ethiopia after deadly anti-government protests engulfed the regional town.

The travel warning update read:

On 12 July, there were reports of violent clashes, including gunfire in the city of Gondar. The situation remains tense with reports of ongoing gunfire, disruption to services, damage to hotels and possible street protests. There have also been reports that the road from Gondar airport is closed. The situation may escalate and you should check the local security situation before considering any travel to the city. You should avoid crowded areas and remain vigilant if in the city. We are closely monitoring the situation and may issue further updates shortly. If you are planning to visit the area, you should check our travel advice for any further updates before travelling.

Similarly, there are also reports that UNDSS has restricted all travel to Gonder due to the ongoing conflict in the region.

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