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UK and Yemen, United Kidnappers

by Tedla Asfaw
The whole world was shocked when Boku Haram kidnapped hundreds of girls from their dormitories in Northern Nigeria. The condemnation was universal. These girls were forced to appear on TV bewildered and scared.The families of these young girls have been in agony since then.
Andargachew Tsigie
On July 8th this past Tuesday similar “show” was staged on Ethiopian Television. The victim is Andargatchew Tsige a secretary of Ginbot 7 Movement. He was kidnapped on June 23 on transit flight at Sanaa Airport in Yemen.
This family man was traveling from Dubai to Eritrea. He has been going in and out of Eritrea for the last few years. He is the first man to be kidnapped by Yemeni security and handed over to Ethiopia where he was sentenced to death in absentia.
As we all know the Yemeni security and the West are working very closely and we have no doubt that UK/USA know when Andargatchew was kidnapped by their ally Yemeni Coward Security.They chose not to see and the same night he was forced to fly to Addis Ababa. “Osama Bin Laden” was captured !!!!
From June 23 until July 8 this man was tortured beyond a shadow of doubt. One thing we saw from the TV footage was the victim asking for “Rest”. He wants them to finish him off than suffering under their brutal hand.He preferred Death/Rest than being tortured day and night. UK wants them to keep him alive feeling the outrage if he dies. UK citizen died recently in Syria prison tortured by Assad security.
Andargatchew Tsige was betrayed by United Kingdom and its ally Yemeni butchers for their own interest. We want to assure them that by their deed they are awarded the “Certificate of Ethiopian Enemies”.
The protest we are making Friday July 11 in New York City and all over the world staged and to be staged in front of their mission is to tell them that The ” United Kidnappers ” are committing crime in the name of fighting the war on Terror.
UK and Yemen have not apprehended British citizens who joined the fight in Syria and now fighting their ally in Iraq.The kidnapping of an exile opposition leader is a direct war against the Ethiopian people. War they will surly Lose !!!
Any action taken by the UK government less than bringing Andargatchew Tsige to his family in London is not accepted by the Ethiopian people. Peaceful and proud Ethiopians are demanding all over the world for UK and Yemen Ambassadors to leave Ethiopia immediately until then.


  1. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Andargachew abducted without the knowledge of UK. History shall uncover it. UK the worst colonialist, still wants the people of developing countries to be colonized by the locally grown fascist tyranny. This is the reason why UK collaborates/stands with tyranny to crash a heroic fighter for freedom like Andargachew! UK wants order taker from Westerner’s than a model for freedom like honorable Andargachew! I can tell for UK and the world…. this is the last and final stage of the Woyane/TPLF junta!

  2. So many Weyanes are now writing an article in the name of Ethiopians who stand with opposition so we have to keep our eyes on them.they can not foul us

  3. What happened to Andargachew is a direct attack to Ethiopian, the solution to our problem must come from ourself not from the west.

  4. Tedla, we understand your anger and so we are angry too. But you need to cool down and think critically what to be done and not blame every one. Some part of the UK government branch may not have done enough but to think that as a position of UK is wrong.
    We need to do our home work and other countries will come then in support of us without us calling them. So tighten your belt. Ethiopians have lots of ideas to forward to G7 and other freedom fighter. They should open a special email address to receive them. We should not post everything online.

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