UDJ held a successful peaceful demonstration in Debre Marqos (Photos)

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June 8, 2014
UDJ held a successful peaceful demonstration in Debre Marqos
deberemarcos 1
deberemarcos 2
deberemarcos 3
deberemarcos 4
deberemarcos 5
deberemarcos 6
deberemarcos 7
deberemarcos 8
deberemarcos 9
deberemarcos 10


  1. The Kenya Counter-Terrorism team, that is monitoring internet activities in Eastleigh on a thinly pretext of countering terrorism, tried to block us watching the live update of UDJ demonstration in Debre-Markos, but all was to no avail. They are working hand-in-glove with Ethiopia secret service men who are operating in Kenya above the law.Now a days it is very difficult for participating on social media for Change in Ethiopia for us from Kenya. Kenya is a staunch supporter of one of the worst dictatorial, divisive and ethnocentric regime that has subjected our people for inexplicable suffering that ranges from arbitrary detention and demoniac torture to extra-judicial killings.
    However, we don’t deter back nor retreat from agitating for change in Ethiopia on social media.
    UDJ-You made us proud in exile and We are pinning our hope on you. I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. it is really sad to see people in Debermarkos asking to STOP THE KILLING OF OROMO students instead of asking to STOP KILLING AMHARAS this is really shame on the part of UDJ to ignore the killing of innocent AMHARAS being killed in Oromiya by OLF OROMOS, History will judge these traitor political parties who look the death and the suffering of Amhara children women and men as the cry of wolf and ignore their plight
    I sometimes wonder why the killing and persecution of Amharas do not considered as a crime???????????? why the criminals of OLF who killed innocent AMAHRAS at ARBA GOGU, BEDENO, WOTER, ASOSA brought to justice??????? Why these criminals walk freely in the western world? why Amhara elites do not want to bring these OLF criminals to justice?????? are AMAHRAS are not humans?????? why killing AMHARAS is okay or not a crime?????? History will judge these coward AMHARA ELITES who gave a blind eye

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