U.S.' Tillerson says greater freedom the answer for Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA, March 8 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday the answer to political turmoil in Ethiopia was greater freedoms, and that the country’s state of emergency should be lifted as quickly as possible.

“We share and recognise concerns over incidents of violence,” he told a news conference in Addis Ababa after meeting Ethiopia’s foreign minister. “We do firmly believe that the answer is greater freedom.”

“While we appreciate the government’s responsibility to maintain control …it is important that country moves on past the state of emergency as quickly as possible.” (Reporting by Aaron Maasho Writing by Maggie Fick; editing by John Stonestreet)

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  1. The Secretary has sided with the the Ethiopian people, especially with the Oromo people! This will ceremonially drive the system who pushed the SoE down the throat of Ethiopians. It is time for peaceful transition of power to the people. Short of that, I’m afraid ain’t going to cut it. All opposition groups and parties, important personality, civic societies, etc should start working together to build conciseness to effectively take part in the transition.
    It is a new day in Ethiopia and the rest of the region. Ethiopia is such an important country that all in the region have interest in. Ethiopia not Somalia, God forbid, chaos in Ethiopia will reverberate far and beyond!

  2. The Boss of Weyane is affraid to loose his puppet. By the way, the USA arme Not a freind of peace and stability.The USA has helped an minority Regime of amhara and now the minority Regime of Tigreans.
    Wake up Ethiopians and be the owner and Master of your own Hause. Kick the Weyane a way, what ever the USA are Saying.

  3. Thank God America is answering Ethiopia’s quest for freedom rapidly!
    Will the Ethiopian government listen?
    Pray. The people of Ethiopia have suffered too long already.

  4. This is not this much different from the usual “we are concerned because you ( as a government , not as a people as such) are important in the East and Horn of Africa”. What does greater freedom mean ? Does this mean that there was and is great but not greater freedom? Is he telling us that the “bad guys of his government” in the East and Horn of Africa were and are freedom and democracy-lovers but need greater freedom and democracy? Believe or not, the very pivotal and serious discussion was not about how TPLF/EPRDF need to seriously think about creating a situation in which all genuinely concerned stakeholders (all opposition forces ) could sit down together and figure out what would be the best way out toward inclusive and democratic system. Much of the discussion , I strongly argue was about how to continue the “cooperation” in that part of Africa which is negatively and indirectly affecting the national interest of America . Believe or not, American government in particular and the donor governments of the West in general are closely following the temperature of the on going peoples’ struggle and how TPLF/EPRDF is determined to crash it by any means in order to survive . If they believe that peoples’ struggle is vulnerable to failure because of any further action by TPLF/EPRDF , they will keep dancing with the brutal ethno-centric ruling elites. That is the way the political reality of our world works; unfortunately .
    I am not saying it is okay to ignore the international political and diplomatic relations and interactions. This is totally not only wrong but also unrealistic and self-defeating. What I am saying is that in any political or any other matter of concern , what determines is the very internal factor, the determination by the people of Ethiopia to force the dictatorial regime of TPLF/EPRDF either to come to the negotiating table or else face the consequences of being removed by any legitimate means.
    We should ask ourselves : How many times and for how long should we be fooled and fooled and fooled ?

  5. There ain’t no magic formula for the current situation in Ethiopia.It is about time to clean up the house”the fucken woyane got to go”.C’est maintenant.27 years under woyane seige?c’mon ..enough is enough.Adieus los Agames.Dedebit aint that far.hit the road while you can.goons!!!

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