U.S. and Ethiopian Investigators Clash Over Crash Probe

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Sources say Ethiopian officials have been slow to share information with the U.S. during the investigation.

By Claire Hansen, Staff WriterApril 1, 2019,

U.S. AND ETHIOPIAN officials are clashing over how to handle the investigation into the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airline that crashed after takeoff from Addis Ababa on March 10, killing all 157 people on board.

An Ethiopean Airlines flight crashed in March, killing 157 people.THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

U.S. investigators have complained that Ethiopian officials have been slow to share information retrieved from the black box recorders on the Ethiopian Airlines flight and that they’ve been reluctant to pass on other relevant information, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cites people close to the investigation.

Ethiopian officials have pushed back against what they consider an effort from Boeing investigators to influence and speedup the release of the preliminary report, according to the Journal. Boeing has denied that it ever attempted to do so.

The report is expected to say that the data suggests the Ethiopian Airlines crash was similar to that of a Lion Air 737 MAX, which plunged into the Java Sea after takeoff in October, killing all 189 passengers and crew. In both crashes, an automated stall-prevention system was activated, sources told the Journal. Boeing is in the process of releasing a software update aimed at fixing the issue.



  1. Clash over what? This reporter is sensationalizing her story. It is apparent that EAL officials are dealing with US FAA/DOT officials whose reputation is gravely wounded by this ‘unguided missile’ aircraft fiasco. Certain members of the US congress are calling for the ‘remaking’ of the entire regulatory committee. So there is a lot at stake here for those DOT officials who are in Addis now. They must be in dire need of a ‘smoking gun’ to blame those very capable pilots. The deal is those ‘3rd world folks’ don’t and will never know how to fly anyway!!! EAL officials should keep this on the back of their heads in sharing any result of their investigation. Just look how they are trying to put the blame on the ‘young’ pilots. ‘They sounded panicked’. My goodness!!! Why not? That ‘unguided missile’ was bouncing and flopping up and down like a jogger’s sandal on a deserted beach. Just try to envision that!!! Up 1600 ft a second ago and down 1600 ft a second later!!! Have anyone of you been up in a plane flying thru a turbulence? This one was not turbulence but the plane flopping up and down!!! There is nothing that can prepare even a pilot with a million flying hours!!! Those very capable countrymen pilots were given an explosive device as a 737MAX to fly! Full Stop!!! Some heads should be rolling at the DOT and Boeing for such impropriety!!! The loss of more than 400 human lives is not ‘fair game’ here.

  2. My fellow country man, Kudos to you, I could not have put it any better. Isn’t it the American way trying to control everything?. Boing makes the Aircraft but other pilots around the world fly Boing and that does not mean they have to be Americans.

    I have been following this through out via major media outlets. Aviation experts in Major Countries as well as American Pilots have said that, the reputation of Ethiopian Air Lines and the competency of the Pilots should not be on the table or in question.

    Ethiopia has had and continue to have an impeccable safety record and Pilots ability. Ethiopia may not make planes but as sure as hell that the pilots are as good as any American pilots if not better.

    Therefore, the BS to hide and hush hush their incompetency, they want to control and conceal the evidence to come out smelling like flower, what else is new. The United States Congress is going towards the right direction to weed out these incompetent, perhaps unqualified officials who probably should not be at the post they occupied at FAA or Boing. However, the information should be shared and made public as Ethiopia sees fits. Enough said for now.

    • My countryman back at you!!!

      Those young and very bright countrymen pilots were given a runaway train with a failed braking system and stuck accelerator blasting at 600mph. That is just 168mph shy of the supersonic speed. It was not only speeding but swaying violently and flopping up and down in the open sky. It was blasting at 600mph downward to a soft farmland. Just imagine how everyone in the plane including the pilots were being thrown up and down!!! Just imagine that!!! In all that violence those heroic pilots did everything they were told to during a malfunction of a dreamed up technology they called MCAS. Just imagine the terror every occupant was feeling when the aircraft was shooting up 1600ft and dropping like a hot potato another 1600 ft seconds later. I had been thru very turbulence when traveling overseas and domestic destinations. One of them I will never forget. It happened so suddenly when the plane was just south of the Aleutian Islands. It was very strong and went on for almost 5 minutes. It subsided and came back again even stronger. A total 15 minutes of terror. Finally, the pilot told us on the announcer that he just received clearance to fly at a different altitude and after that it was all smooth sailing. But those 15 minutes of terror make you think anew about flying. What those very capable countrymen pilots were facing was something like no other. They fought very hard to save the plane but the device they were given to fly was something designed for disaster. I will never, ever fly this aircraft. Others can fly this unguided missile at their own risk. Not me!!! I had avoided the DC-10 since the 1970’s and 737MAX will be added to my list to stay away from. It makes you think, what else was rushed thru the certification process for this model?

  3. There ain’t gonna be another patsy, this time called Ethiopia. This mfg fiasco was hastily let thru an obvious crack fueled by sheer greed. There are about 5,000 more planes of this very model on confirmed orders worth more than 110 million US dollars apiece. That means Boeing has more than 500 billion dollars on its books(Accounts Receivable ledger). Half a trillion freshly minted cool cash soon to flow into its coffers. This is just from one model. Gordon Gecko had said it all already – ‘The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.’ But I tell you what? They had played the game with Indonesia already. They ain’t seen Leroy Brown yet, a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone!!! If you had watched ABC World News Tonight you could see another so-called expert saying something like this disaster is a ‘shared responsibility’ between Boeing and EAL. For some, black folks can never learn or be right!!!!

  4. Hello my country man again, I wrote something that was omitted. I am not sure they will publish this one. Although we defend Ethiopia, the Ethiopian media is not impartial. I made a constructive criticism and they did not take it very well and therefore, did not publish my comment. in any event the EAL and the Pilots are vindicated. Thank you for being a true Ethiopian.

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