U. S. Ambassador Geeta Pasi and Assistant to the Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Sarah Charles visit Bahir Dar

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U. S. Ambassador Geeta Pasi and Assistant to the Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Sarah Charles visit Bahir Dar

Continuing her travels throughout Ethiopia, Ambassador Pasi visited Bahir Dar with Assistant to the Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Sarah Charles. During the daylong visit, they met with newly elected President Yilikal Kefale to discuss the current dire humanitarian situation and plans to alleviate suffering and deliver aid and other solutions. They discussed the needs of conflict-affected populations in Northern Amhara and humanitarian delivery constraints, with humanitarian workers. The U.S. officials also visited members of the Zenzelma IDP center and heard firsthand accounts and concerns of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Amhara region. The U.S. officials’ recently planned trip to Tigray has not yet been realized, but remains a top priority. The Ambassador has visited the Somali region and Tigray in the past months to continue to assess U.S. government activities and to advocate for maximal support for those in need. The United States is committed to helping people all over Ethiopia.

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The United States is committed to providing life-saving assistance to those in need. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of people in Amhara affected by the current conflict, the United States and our humanitarian partners are increasingly alarmed that over 900,000 people may already be facing famine conditions in Tigray. The international community should use all appropriate tools at its disposal to apply pressure on any and all actors impeding unhindered humanitarian access. We continue to call on all actors to ensure that life-saving aid reaches people who need it most – regardless of ethnicity. The United States is committed to the unity, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of the Ethiopian state and to the prosperity and well-being of the Ethiopian people.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

U. S. Ambassador Geeta Pasi and Assistant to the Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Sarah Charles visit Bahir Dar

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  1. Did Geeta and Sarah pay a visit to the stadium there? If they did they would be constantly coughing from the effect of the stench there all the way back to their offices in the capital. How about surprise visit to the any jail there. The stink from the stadium and jails there, in Jimma, Awassa and every joint there smell is so bad to high heavens it gagged the buzzard flying over and even the hyenas abandoned the regions altogether!!!!

    • Why don’t you clean it, u see you saying what can the place do for you what can the country do for you. Say this what can I do for my place what can I do for my country? U play victim by doing nothing lol stop think like that go head help your communities go head get together and clean the communities, build the roads build the bridges go head advocate for children technology educations, go head run for office . Stop complaining by doing nothing

      • I am glad to see you finally getting it off your chest. Saying and at the same time doing something about it go a long way. Does it not? But those hyenas have reiterated that they will not come back to Bahir Dar, Awasa, Jimma, Adama and others like them. They just stink too much even for those hyenas. Nobody else should go there and clean it up for them. They should tidy it up themselves. Those mayors should stop dunking bottles of Khamr after work and pick up the brooms. They have millions of the youth just loafing around all day long. Put them to work. What’s new with we Africans, right? I wanted to tell you my past experience with the Sudan Airline back in the 1960’s. I decided not to do that because I may end up spoiling somebody’s appetite. I reassure you that some people have not been only talking. Thank you for staying civil in your reaction.

  2. It is amazing seeing of that US Ambassador & their officials visit in Amhara region. If America has not been on a wrong direction of supporting terrorist & rebellion group, TPLF before, there was no chance of all those mess happened. Still they have to side on the people of Ethiopia and support government of Ethiopia to culminate the war and force TPLF leaders to be sue on international criminal court as they committed genocides, mass murder and displacement of many people. Why America doesn’t make a clear stand on this issue and proudly say spade is spade??

    Hoping you ambassador lately aware of all the sabotage that has been made in Ethiopian people, so try to pass clear message to Biden administration that America is on wrong foreign policy in Ethiopia internal affairs and instead of looking for its interest only and side criminals it is better to listen the voice and struggle of people of Ethiopia.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

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