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Two Eriteran Brigadier Generals, A Financial Manager Dead

Veteran EPLF fighters Brg. General Mebrahtu Tekleab (Vaynak), Brg. General Amanuel Haile (Hanjema) and Mr. Desu Tesfatsion passed away on 20 March at 4:30 P.M. due to car accident.

The veteran combatants encountered the accident around Ab-Dirbabo while they were on their way to participate at the 30th anniversary celebrations of the demise of Wukaw Iz.

With regards to the funeral ceremony of the veteran fighters would be announced through the national media outlets.

source: ERi-TV


  1. SO ?!. Some weeks a go a colonel, 5 generals and 2 Field Marshals from Mars died instantly ….The news you just shared is as strange and remote as the one I made up. Who cares…whether these corrupt and evil ‘Generals” are alive or dead….. Please know what to report and what not…If you continue posting news and analyses that are not of interest to your audiance….your web will be as moribund and as the “news” you report on….

  2. @ yohanes i think u don’t know what is new mean. you should know first the meaning of new and then read if you are not intrested you can just leave it and read other things its this much easy

    • Did you say News. News for whom?! Certainly not for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. If you want to hear it listen: These so called “Generals” are enemies of the very people that they claim to have liberated from ‘Ethiopian Colonization”. They are the one driving our brothers and sisters out of their home land and made them a prey for organ “harvestors” across the Sahara and Senia deserts; made them loose their lives in the high seas, and made them slave in their own land. We feel the pain and tribulation of our brothers and sisters not the butchers such as those three….

  3. why should I know this kind of crap,should I care?NO !!!!! please,tell me when that devil called Esayas is dead.that is the only news I want to know from Ertrea.who is your source any ways,Andargachew Tsigea???

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